Monday, 15 November 2010

More shriEEEEking about Development and Peace - now with update.

I read in today's headlines that Development and Peace has helped finance a documentary called Operation Diablo about how a Peruvian priest who opposed a mining project became the victim of harassment. It was produced by Stephanie Boyd. Is this what parishoners had in mind when they gave money to the organization? Give a western woman money to produce a movie? Does this really help development in the Third World? One wonders.
One does indeed wonder why Blob Blogging Wingnut called this a 'headline'. HER link takes the reader to a specialised catholic radio network. Does SHE have "Development and Peace" on google news alert?

Given HERs and SoConOrNuts' obsession with the organization, that should be expected.

HER claims are rife with truthiness. The documentary was developed, filmed and distributed by the Guarango Association, in fact.

Nor is this the first documentary produced about the struggles of peasants and farmers fighting the mining companies who extract gold and devastate their communities, which leaves them without the means to feed their families, as well as poisoned by the metal exploitation techniques.

But it seems that Blob Blogging Whinger is fine with all that. From HER perspective, those are not victims worthy of HER compassion and support.

However, parishioners blindly giving money to the Vatican Taliban so they can whitewash the findings by conducting their own inquiry into pedophile priests and child abuse in Ireland? Now there's a project SHE can support.

Update: One could not make this s**t up - though there's synchronicity at work.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bathurst, N.B., wants to be able to use money set aside to train future clergy to help compensate people sexually assaulted by a priest in the past. Rev. Wesley Wade, the bishop of the diocese, has asked the New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench, which deals with such requests, to allow it to take money from a trust fund used to help educate people entering the priesthood. The trust fund consists of money left to the church over the years.

Got that? Years, possibly decades ago, parishioners willed money (kept in trusts) to pay for seminary costs and priests' training. Now the diocese wants to use the money to compensate victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of convicted pedophile priest Levi Noël. There appears to be a particular logic that applies, though I imagine it will provoke more shriEEEks from la SAINTENITOUCHE.


brebis noire said...

I'm sorry, I don't use this word often about my fellow human beings - but that woman is such a loser. And not the kind you can take pity on either, because she is whiny and her pants are so often on fire I finally had to look away.

Beijing York said...

So even when SHE strays off her favourite topic, she's still a despicable, whiny idiot.

Alison said...

Taking money from a trust fund to pay victims sounds like a plan to me. Fewer priests trained equals fewer possible paedophiles to shelter and less delusion spread around. It may be unfair to the past donors, but if it helps cut down the number of donors in the future, it's a win-win situation.

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