Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tim Minchin and the Poop

I had never heard of Tim Minchin until yesteday when I ran into a post at PZ Myers's place that has a cartoon embedded called Pope Song. It contains some very bad words and YouTube won't let me embed it unless I confirm that I'm 18 years old by signing up. I don't want to sign up, so you'll have to go to PZ's place to watch it and, in particular, listen to the clever lyrics.

This scathing and hilarious piece was released last April, but in 'honour' of the Poop's visit to the UK, Minchin has a free MP3 download of it at his place.

Minchin has his own YouTube channel where you'll find me for the next little while. I just popped back here to share this with you on a lovely Sunday morning.

Here's a sample that YouTube will let me embed. It starts slowly but stick with it. He's not only funny, he's a pretty good musician too.

You're welcome.

Update: Unlike fern hill, I am over 18 years of age and subscribed to YouTube. So here is the NOT safe for work animation - deBeauxOs


fern hill said...

Thanks, dBO. You've gotta listen to it a couple of times to get all the lyrics. Or I do, at least. I just got the last line. Make me LOL.

JJ said...


(Obviously, not offended. It takes a lot...)

Beijing York said...

Thanks for introducing me to Tim. I like his humour.

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