Saturday, 18 September 2010

Piling On (Well, heck, all the cool kids are doing it)

As JJ so cleverly demonstrates, Ezra the Crow-Eater may be desperately soon redesigning his website.

We suggest he also have a go at his Facebook page.

And just in case he does, we took a screen shot.

Interestingly, the link in his comment takes one to the Ottawa Sun but nothing shows up, not even a 404. The header for it though is dated September 3, 2010.

BONUS: Alheli Picazo's excellent link-full summary of the saga, including a link to a Twitpic of the now-404-ed column.

h/t Antonia Z.

ADDED: Uh oh. Even some of the Freaks think Ezra has some 'splainin' to do.

COVERING OUR ASSES: A journalist friend advises that we remove the link to the Twitpic of the original offending column. So we did. It wouldn't take much searching to find quotes from it -- or the whole damn thing -- in the usual dark parts of the bloggysphere.


Anonymous said...

Why does this racist get two interviews this week on CBC radio, one on Q and one on Day 6? David Ahenakew was charged with hate speech for similar sentiments, and had his order of Canada revoked, while Ezra gets free publicity for his book on the public broadcaster. Its OK for Ezra, but not ok for aboriginals?

JJ said...

Gentlemen, start your Photoshops!

Alison said...

Sept. 3?
And yet the Sun retraction gives the publication date as Sept 5.

I'm not seeing any retraction on Ezra's page yet either.


deBeauxOs said...

That is an excellent point, Anonymous.

Beijing York said...

Yes, touche´Anonymous.

double nickel said...

I've already send my comments to the Day 6 web site. Enough already.

JJ said...

Ezra's been unfriended! (Scroll down to the 2nd update)

ck said...

Just curious, did your journalist friend say why you should have unlinked that twitpic of the original column? I linked to it to on my post this morning.

Dana said...

Anonymous, that really is an excellent point.

I wonder if there's a major op-ed writer in the country with the jam to pick it up.

An email campaign might be worth it to find out.

If nothing else it would expose the continuing double standard.

Smartpatrol said...

I wrote to Mr Levant via his FB page"

"Looks like making a living by slander & libel wasn't such a shit-hot career path after all. Who knew?"

fern hill said...

ck, I admit I don't understand these things all that well, but it seems to be a matter of libel. If someone were to sue someone for libel, then people who had published or republished or -- to get paranoid -- had a hand in disseminating the libelous material could be exposed to similar suits. Just covering our asses. . . And as I said, it's not like it's difficult to find the column on the Dark Side.

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