Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Shrieeek!!!! It's all in the spin.

Blob Blogging Wingnut often re-posts propaganda pieces from Lies-Site at HER place.

Facts about public events and occurrences tend to get varnished, twisted and distorted by The Fetus©™ fetishists in their attempt to provoke outrage and to get a good chorus of shriEEEks going.

That nifty little tactic was certainly on display as the zygote zealots milked the
shooting death of Jim Pouillon as much as they could. SUZIE CAPS-ON even promoted the notion that Pouillon should be nominated for sainthood. Umm, yeah. Right up there with the white-washing canonization of Pius XII, it would seem.

Here's a recent example that occurred at Southwestern Women's Options.

The basic elements of the story are: a couple accompanying their adolescent daughter to a women's clinic were called out by anti-abortion activists. The patient and her parents went inside the building. The father then came out to tell the activists that he would act forcefully to protect his daughter and wife if they were approached again when they left the clinic. The activists claimed that he threatened to shoot one of them. Operation Rescue volunteers phoned police and said that they saw what they assumed to be a gun. The police arrived, took the man into custody and because they could not find a weapon upon him - as Operation Rescue volunteers claimed - proceeded to search the premises of the clinic. Firearms were eventually found locked in the vehicle owned by the father. No charges have been filed, pending a completed investigation of the event.

Compare these versions of the event, fed by Operation Rescue truthiness. It starts with the headline. In fact the father was not 'arrested', nor charged.

Here is a reality-based account.

My prediction is that Operation Rescue will exploit this tactic - claiming that they have been threatened by people accompanying patients to clinics, or by patients themselves. Given the US anti-abortion movement's history in promoting and supporting homicidal actions against medical staff, police have zero tolerance for any kind of perceived or real threat of violence around Planned Parenthood and other women's clinics. I expect that zygote zealots will report that they thought they saw a gun/knife/bomb and claim they were threatened in order to get the police to sweep down upon the location.

How many times will they pull such stunts before they get charged with mischief and sent the bill for abusing police resources?

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