Tuesday, 17 August 2010

So, leave already!

Ayatollah Ouellet is multiplying the goodbyes and farewells, stretching out the time left in Canada to exploit the free publicity he's getting.

A controversial Roman Catholic priest extended an olive branch during his last sermon in Canada before leaving for his new job in Rome.

Marc Cardinal Ouellet offered an apology to his "brothers and sisters" Sunday during a farewell ceremony [...] In his homily, the cardinal said he was aware people have been hurt by some of his statements. [...]

In June, Ouellet was named chief of the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops, a committee that vets bishop appointments around the world.

'soxaphone player', one of Ouellet's more erudite supporters, said in the comments:
"I guess if Ouelette had broken Canadian laws, he would have been charged. Unfortunately for the RC bashers on this forum, Henry VIII is no longer king, so Catholics are no longer burnt at the stake simply for existing. Equally unfortunate that the inquisition is done."
Wow. Just ... wow.

We've blogged about Ayatollah Ouellet before, and in consideration of Pope Maledict's adolescent proclivities, offer this memorable performance for his departure.

In other news, The Star is reporting that a library shared by Nipissing University and Canadore College will bear the name of ex-premier Mike Harris.

Perhaps one of the strip joints on Sainte Catherine street in Montréal could have its warren of private lapdancing rooms named after Ouellet, but that would be an insult to the dancers and the memory of Lili St-Cyr.


k'in said...

Good riddance.

Ouellet's concave wee brain will fit in good with the Vatican conclave of the narrow-minded. Not sure if it's the requisite papal white, but he's been blowing smoke out his ass for so long he will feel right at home.

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