Monday, 16 August 2010

Gosh, sorry for the annoyance, Stevie.

By that, I'm not referring to the actions of that poor deluded soul who attempted to exorcise the malevolent spirit in residence at 24 Sussex last Saturday.

Go read
Alison at Creekside who nails Stalinist Steve in all his encapsulated & self-absorbed (aka narcissistic, as captured here) modus operandi.

Also at
The Galloping Beaver: Apparently we the public are "annoying" to Steve now - for voting up at Progressive Bloggers.

And. Too.
Get thee to 900ft Jesus.


Niles said...

Perhaps the rightwing will make much of the arsonist being incited by leftwing anti-Harper vitriol, the acidic hatred driving the mentally vulnerable personality to violence. At this point, I'm a wee bit cynical about the Con defense strategies.

That said, I really don't want Harper burned out. I don't wish that kind of assault on anyone.

I want him burned in an election that reduces Con seats to 1. His. He's the only one that matters anyway, right?

Then he can go off to a think tank and tell everyone he coulda, he *coulda*.

deBeauxOs said...

What's Con-temptible is the equivalency that the rightwing media is trying to establish with the home invasion suffered by Aline and Jean Chrétien.

That couple downplayed the intended murderous threat, while Stalinist Steve's Politburo is hyping this attempt to BBQ the sidewalk in front of the PM's residence a few decibels short of domestic terrorism.

Wall Flower Studio said...

The only thing I would like to point out with regards to this wonderful post is the "Stalinist Steve" comment.
While this wordplay sounds great rolling off the tongue, Harper is in fact more aligned with fascism than he is with communism, tho' it is sometimes arguably difficult to ascertain the differences of either extreme wing, since on some points do seem to share certian commonalities.
So, feel free to Google the "14 key points of Fascism" where Stevie boy has almost all the boxes ticked.
Great blog, btw. : )

k'in said...

Has it been confirmed that Steve-O was even home at the time of this "media generated event"? Media reports claim that he and his family weren't in any "danger" - hmmm.

If they "were" in danger, no doubt Tony "Neptune" Clement would have just happened to be in the area and donned his "Vulcan" cape and saved the day.

deBeauxOs said...

Wallflower, I fear the use of fascism with regard to Stevie Spiteful has been 'Godwinized' to banality.

When first I was scrutinizing the Con regime of lies, it occurred to me that Harper's style of government ressembles Joseph Stalin's form of dictatorship.

It's not just the ideology beneath, it's also the manner in which it is executed.

Ironically enough, it was Senator Joe McCarthy who formalized such tactics in the US when he went on his Commie rampage.

Beijing York said...

Did I miss something? Did someone try to burn down 24 Sussex with a bbq? Holy crap, what is this country coming too!

deBeauxOs said...

First link in the post, BY.

The individual sloshed flammable liquid outside the gate then set fire to it. I'm assuming it's lighter fuel available at hardware stores.

Wall Flower Studio said...

I agree that there certainly are similarities to Stalin, and you make an excellent point re: Joe McCarthy. Thanks for the links.
I suppose I'm thinking more along the lines of fascism in the corporate sense where large corporations have a big say in government policy, which is happening in Canada.
Combine that with the government's disdain for women, the arts in general, spending on military, prisons, G20 security costs etc., (900 arrests) etc., shows me that many of those 14 key points are getting ticked off that aforementioned list.
And we all know about Harper's religious bent,(quite a few of Harper and his ministers attend the same church), which was never a very Marxist ideal!
Underneath it all, tho', I suppose both "ism's" are just two sides of the same dirty coin.

ck said...

Somebody shoulda told ol' Stock Day not to play with lighters when in town.

Niles said...

I wasn't around for the '50s, but I have a parental unit who does and I heard from his parental unit about it as well. I've heard from other parental units as well.

That would be the era when a farm-based direct line family member was bankrupted paying for the treatment costs of a parental unit's cancer (who died of it anyway because what could be afforded wasn't good), which affected the next two generations, which meant if the women of the family couldn't scrimp and work at low pay scullery/cooking jobs, which meant finishing high school was a fantasy when jobs, any jobs were more important, which meant the banks wouldn't let you through the door, which meant...

The list just goes on and on about how the '50s were not the "Great White Hope" of civilized times. It was one damn decade, where everyone breathed a sigh of relief that a world war had ended and NOT IN FAVOUR OF THE OFFICIAL WHITE POWER PARTY; sucked in a sphincter over the idea there was worse yet to come as politicians railed at each other shaking nuclear war heads; went 'hey wait a sec, what were we fighting for again? why don't we have that liberty at home?' and geared up civil and union rights; where White North America profited shamelessly from being the continent left unscathed by war bombing and devastation of infrastructure; where women were literally forced out of the workplace to accommodate men and discrimination against anything that didn't look like a white man was A-ok;

But oh, unfu** all of the pipedreaming disenfranchised white supremacists back to virginity and Beyond -- the '50s *were* Rock and Roll -- jungle music, degenerate reefer music, punk kids' music -- invading Moral White Society's underbelly with a backbeat you can't lose it. No matter how much they tried to Pat Boonize it.

The '50s were when Lester Pearson, a *Liberal*, made Canada a peacekeeping force -- for the UN -- in the face of vitriolic conservative opposition.

So, which parts do all the "the '50s were so dreaaaamy" fans want revived again? Just the parts where the abused white men are all despotic, entitled gods of their own planets?

Yes, I'm ranting. The '50s comment is a red flag in front of a bull and trolling in the worst way, but I'm biting anyway. I keep wanting to think it's a POE, but I fear it's not. And someone put it in print. As if it's a sane idea.

ck said...

speaking of McCarthyism: Approved viewing for movie night at the Harpers

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