Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Deflection, spoof, rebuttal or attack?

The choice of words depends on one's vantage point when observing how a Democratic pro-choice organization is responding to Sarah Palin's tactics.
EMILY's List, the feminist organization that works to elect pro-choice, Democratic women to office, has launched a campaign countering Sarah Palin's "Mama Grizzly" shtick, which the former governor has used to promote conservative women candidates. But because the group's response blurs the line between parody and rebuttal, its messaging is mixed.
Nicole Allan staff editor and political writer at TheAtlantic.com
is ambivalent though supportive.

Here is Stephanie Schriock explaining the rationale behind the campaign:

"I know Sarah Palin doesn't speak for me - or for millions of women and men across this country.

I'm a westerner myself - I'm from Butte, Montana - and I've watched with concern as Sarah Palin tries to co-opt the independent frontier spirit and patriotism of my part of the country, and turn it into a sort of national movement for backwards-looking, extremist politics. The strong western women who raised me and who are my role models would be horrified by the radical views of Sarah Palin and her candidates.

And then there's Forbes' Joel Kotkin outlining the reasons he calls Sarah Palin the Republican Party's Poison Pearl:
[...] if conservatives really want evidence of Palin's limitations, they only need to talk to people in her home state of Alaska. "She represents a constituency that is rural, but that's it," says Jim Egan, executive director of Commonwealth North, a local think tank. "What she says and does makes little sense in the urban environment that most Americans live in." If it does not sell across the board in Anchorage, home to almost half of Alaskans, you wonder how well her message will play in Omaha or suburban Houston, much less New York or Los Angeles.
See for yourself; here's the "Sarah Doesn't Speak for Me" video.


Beijing York said...

I like the video,

ck said...

I like the video too.

Fr Gravel was the main reason I stayed with the church. This was a priest with conviction. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago. I've gone after dear Suzie on a few occasions when she would strike at him.

At first, before Fr Gravel ran in that by-election in Repentigny, he did ask permission from the Vatican. They initially said it was ok with several conditions attached; one being he had to abstain from voting on certain issues like same sex marriage or abortion. Gilles Duceppe accepted those concessions. So yeah, Party Pooper, Ayatollah Ouellet probably had a hand in pulling the good Fr Gravel out of politics. Shame too. My co-worker who lives in the riding says he was quite popular. Hell, I would vote for him if I lived in Repentigny.

Of course, when I found out that ol' Pope Ratzy made the ordination of women priests as ghastly a sin as pedophilia, well, that just did it for me. I'm now with the United Church. Much more flexible.

It's been awhile since I've verbally bitch slapped Suzie. Perhaps I'm due.

fern hill said...

ck meant to post that on the newer SUZY ALLCAPS post, and she now has. But the reference to the video belongs here, so I left it.

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