Thursday, 19 August 2010

More fascist than Pope Maledict.

Dr Dawg caught Blob Blogging Wingnut doing what SHE does best - shriEEEking.
The folks at St. Joseph's Parish in Ottawa are supporting the Capital Pride march on August 29.

What, tolerance squeezing through the door of the Catholic church? Not so fast. Big Blue Wave's SUZANNE is MASSIVELY pissed, and she's ratted them out to the Archbishop.
HER obsession with homosexuality - who is and who isn't, who's intolerant and who isn't - borders on the manic.

In recent weeks, SHE has been cyber-stalking Raymond Gravel, a former BQ MP who was ordered by the Vatican Taliban (no doubt prodded by Ayatollah Ouellet) to choose between the priesthood and politics.

One of HER blogposts shriEEEked:
Fr. Raymond Gravel dumps on pro-lifers, again.
Actually, Gravel was defending himself from more attacks from The Fetus©™ fetishists' fundraising and marketing organ, Lies-Site.

HER most recent screed about him was:
Fr. Raymond Gravel Celebrates Gay Pride Mass

At a Catholic Parish in Montreal. On the Feast of the Assumption. If I find any more details, I'll let you know.

Imagine that. A catholic priest celebrating a mass for devoted and observant believers in Jesus - gay men, lesbians, transgendered folks as well as their supportive family members and community.

But then, we knew that SUZIE-CAPS-ON! is one of the more rabid busy-bodies and panties-sniffers in thrall to Pope Maledict's Vatican Taliban.


Niles said...

She reminds me of the persons in various 'morality' regimes who were either official or unofficial watchdogs of their neighbourhood block, reporting on any morally suspicious behaviour to the Authorities. Wasn't it Communist China that employed 'grannies' that way?

I can't help but feel she's not sincerely given the respect she yearns to bask in for her loyal outrage by her Authoritarian masters. I 'see' more of a rolling of eyes and tolerant 'yes, yes, thank you for your digilence, my daughter. Mother Church would be less without you'. (hang up phone) 'oi vey, that woman is a pain in the groined ceiling.' (oblique gothic architecture joke)

Yes, it's my own unkind interpretation of events, but that analysis of B. Altemyer's shows Authoritarian leaders don't truly esteem their followers, they just use them as fodder to gain their goals. She's a woman in a patently patriarchal power organization, pleading for them to notice how eagerly servile she is.

ck said...

I apologize for the error of posting comments. I copied and pasted second part here.

Fr Gravel was the main reason I stayed with the church. This was a priest with conviction. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago. I've gone after dear Suzie on a few occasions when she would strike at him.

At first, before Fr Gravel ran in that by-election in Repentigny, he did ask permission from the Vatican. They initially said it was ok with several conditions attached; one being he had to abstain from voting on certain issues like same sex marriage or abortion. Gilles Duceppe accepted those concessions. So yeah, Party Pooper, Ayatollah Ouellet probably had a hand in pulling the good Fr Gravel out of politics. Shame too. My co-worker who lives in the riding says he was quite popular. Hell, I would vote for him if I lived in Repentigny.

Of course, when I found out that ol' Pope Ratzy made the ordination of women priests as ghastly a sin as pedophilia, well, that just did it for me. I'm now with the United Church. Much more flexible.

It's been awhile since I've verbally bitch slapped Suzie. Perhaps I'm due.

Beijing York said...

From an armchair psychoanalyst perspective, I wonder if over-compensation is at work with respect to ALL CAP Sue's manic obsession with all things gay. (Could we at least start that rumour for some fun :-))

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