Sunday, 4 July 2010

Toronto G20: Information Central

Distribute far'n'wide: fantastic resource/reporting site, G20.justice. com. We badly need a central collection spot for all the info, stories, and videos flying about and this looks like it.
Intimidation. Assault. Humiliation. Sexual Assault. Threat. Bullying. Kidnapping. Lying. Break & Entering. Stealing. Pre-emptive Arrests. Illegal House Raids. Vandalism. Destroying Public Property. Illegal Detention. Illegal Arrests. Enciting Rioting.

What do the above have in common? If you were in downtown Toronto during the G20 Summit, then no explanation is needed. If you've only been watching mainstream media - then you more than likely haven't seen the exemplary performances of our country's finest.

With pages on Charter rights, official contact information, Criminal Code, 'Evidence' (an effort to document a timeline of events), personal stories, and 'Lineup' (an effort to identify security officers, vandals, and agents provocateurs behaving badly).

From the Lineup page a list of participating police forces and security companies.


Toronto Police

Peel Regional Police

Ontario Provincial Police


Barrie Police

Calgary Police

Dryden Police

Durham Regional Police

Edmonton Police

Halton Regional Police

Hamilton Police Service
Kenora Police

Kingston Police

Montreal Police

Niagara Regional Police

Ottawa Police Services (ESU)

Royal Newfoundland Police

Saskatoon Police
Sudbury Police

Waterloo Regional Police

York Police

Barrie Court Services

Toronto Court Services

Contemporary International

Group 4 Falck

InterCon Security / ADT


Zow, that's a lotta cops and rent-a-cops. (Dryden cops needed a taste of big city lights?)

The people behind the site say they're volunteers and seem also to be members of the Facebook group Canadian Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20.

Great work! And, sadly, lots more work to do.

And it's a great place to send acquaintances who believe the msm and refuse to look further. Hey, Teach! This site's for you!

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