Sunday, 4 July 2010

Will cops be charged?

If an internal investigation is held as Toronto Police Chief Blair has stated, will the thugs and goons in police uniform found guilty of civil rights abuse be held accountable for their actions? Or will it be a witch hunt to provide Bully Billy Boy with the information he needs to retaliate against the cops who 'broke rank' by expressing compassion toward prisoners?

In accounts written by individuals who suffered the "abridgement" of their civil and human rights by riot cops, they mention those who were visibly disturbed by the unwarranted violent behaviour of their comrades in arms.

From here:

An older female guard with short dark hair and glasses is offering me a cup of watered down Tang and instructing my binds be cut. I’m given a second cup of juice and new, looser cuffs. They ask if I’m ok, I’m so confused about why I’m outside the cell and ask “What’s going on?” They ask if I’m alright, and I say “I guess so” then they open the cage and put me back. [...] “What happened?” I ask with a now splitting headache. “You passed out man!” they tell me. [...] My head kills, they ask for medical attention for me, I second the motion and we’re told “Not right now”. [...] The female officer who helped me aids in bringing some watery orange Tang to all the cells. We line up, quietly and broken, for our drink. I find out from Kate that this same female officer broke down and cried with the women at their cell. She was sobbing and apologizing, “This is wrong, you shouldn’t be here. This is all so wrong.”
And this:

Not all officers behaved like thugs. Taylor reports several broke down emotionally in the chaos. [...] The men sardined in Taylor’s cell got the attention of Toronto Special Police Constable White and asked him about the deplorable conditions. “I’m just a pea in a pod. I can’t help,” White said.
Chrystal Ocean at Challenging the Commonplace draws our attention to recent legal and court-directed settlements in support of demonstrators and by-standers illegally arrested by police in 2000 and 2004 in Washington D.C.

Welcome to Bill Blair and Stevie Harper's New©™ Canada.


Anonymous said...

We are working diligently to identify all criminals (vandals AND police agents). Please visit

To aide in this fight for answers and truth.

Antonia Z said...

I am convinced that the worst cops were from out of town. Whether Peel regional or from Saskatoon. I feel that most Toronto cops are too cool headed for this shit.

Today at Pride I encountered the TO cops I know, just like I did July 1 at the Queen's park demo.

fern hill said...

I think you're right, Antonia. The videos bear it out.

deBeauxOs said...

How likely would it be that community police officers and/or those normally assigned to major crimes and/or those who support civil liberties (from regions outside Toronto) would be interested or available to 'moonlight' as security enforcement goons/riot cops for the G-20?

It would be irresponsible not to speculate that the cops/thugs who gleefully volunteered for this assignment, if profiled, would turn out to share similar problems with anger management, impulse control and homophobia.

double nickel said...

My former next door neighbour was an RCMP officer who had received "tactical training" so that he could be sent into situations like the G-20. He was really looking forward to getting assigned to an event like this so he could crack some heads with his new toys.

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