Sunday, 4 July 2010

'You're not in Canada'

Cop actually says it.


Dr.Dawg said...

And @4:55 a cop states that we don't have civil rights in Ontario.

fern hill said...

Thanks for that Dr.Dawg. A little lesson for the inexperienced in posting amateur video. Will point stuff like that out in future.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Stephen Harper's Canada and the 21st century where Grade 3 rules apply: the bullies are the biggest morons in the group and get their way while the smart people hang from flag poles by their underwear.

Note: the copy said 'you're not in Canada anymore' at approximately 3:50.

This travesty that happened last week is 100% Stephen Harper's fault.

Anonymous said...

actually I think he says "you have no civil rights in this area..."
The worst thing is though, that the 5 meter law was apparently a misinterpretation. Apparently the law was to be applied to 5 meters INSIDE of the wall; not outside on our streets at all! Let's face it, between unlawful behaviour, detainment, violent abuses, etc. they had already stepped over that boundary and apparently that wasn't even lawful?
No? The premier thinks it's ok, they saw the "misunderstanding" of the law and ceased to tell the public, correct the police, opp, rcmp. the prime minister or anyone for that matter. As they didn't want to get involved?
Even when the police chief found out the misunderstanding, he chose to keep it secret as well.
Steven Harper is not my Prime Minister as far as I'm concerned.
Toronto lost some innocence that weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, newsflash: I was stopped at an alcohol check stop by police.
I don't drink and drive. I don't even drink.
I was asked to "blow" and said, 'sure, just tell me my rights, choices, and consequences -- I want to look out for my civil liberties.'
Cop told me "You have no civil liberties, here."
I persisted in demanding to be fully advised about the whole breathalzyer thing in terms of my civil liberties, and was told loudly, and agressively: "I don't give a damn about your civil liberties -- now BLOW."
I kept insisting on being advised on my rights and was punched in the neck and charged with "refusing" an officer's demand for a breath test.
All the powers used and abused at G20 have been tested a million times before.
If civil liberties do not exist when the state wants to analyze your blood, or when the state wants to keep you away from political gabfests, then they do not exist AT ALL.

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