Tuesday, 25 May 2010

You won't hear a peep from Lakritz or Kay about this.

Police are investigating two car accidents in Quebec that killed four people on Monday:

Denis Philippon, 39, was driving a minivan on Highway 165 near Plessisville with his four-year-old son, Thomas, when he caused two crashes within minutes of each other. [...]

Just before 2 p.m. ET, Philippon crashed into a small car, killing a man and a teenage boy and injuring two other passengers, who were taken to hospital. He jumped out of the van, and grabbed a pickup truck idling nearby that police say was being driven by his ex-wife.

Four kilometres further, he crashed again, severely injuring himself and his son and two people in the other vehicle. Both Philippon and his son were declared dead at the hospital.

Police are piecing together what happened and "the hypothesis of a deliberate act is still possible," said provincial police spokesman Martine Isabelle.

According to entries on his Facebook profile, Philippon was troubled by a recent separation from Thomas's mother.

From here.

Perhaps Naomi and Barbara will rush to excuse Philippon's violence, shrieeking that this poor man, like so many others browbeaten by evul feminists, was driven to his actions by a female partner who wouldn't cleave to the conservative ideal of quiescent wife and baby-maker.

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