Monday, 2 March 2009

Neener, neener, man-hater

Think Barbara Kay will go into accusation mode over what was written in the Québec media, in response to the brutal murder of two children?
Un père qui en vient à tuer ses enfants agit souvent pour se «venger» d'une séparation qu'il refuse d'accepter, estiment des experts. «Pour l'homme qui pose un tel geste, c'est vu comme une solution. Il se dit qu'il va enlever à la mère ce qu'elle a de plus précieux au monde», explique le psychologue Pierre Faubert.

«C'est plus qu'une vengeance, c'est une attaque», ajoute-t-il.

Translation and summary: A father who kills his children is being vengeful, he is destroying what is most precious to the woman who is separating from him. It's payback and attack. Faubert goes on to suggest that more research be done into the phenomenon of fathers who murder their children to punish a spouse, to identify the causes of such behaviour and to determine why men feel that they are justified to behave in this manner.

Could the origins be attributed to fundamentalist religion? And patriarchal and misogynist ideology found in right-wing, social conservative, anti-feminist organizations such as the Conservative Party of Canada and R.E.A.L. women, perhaps?

Barbara Kay will not accuse male specialists of spreading misandry, of promoting hate against men. She reserves those special attacks for Margaret Atwood, whose success Kay obviously envies and tries to degrade through her petty and silly ranting.


Beijing York said...

I do think fundamentalist religions do perpetrate the necessary conditions for such violence by basically viewing women and their children as their possession. There is also a weird/obsessive fixation on the concept of sin and the need to eradicate it at all costs.

deBeauxOs said...

Exactly - and that was the basis of A Handmaid's Tale - the extreme manifestation of religious fundamentalist doctrine, as a blueprint for political tyranny and social engineering.

Not that Barbary Kay is bright enough to grasp that.

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