Saturday, 3 April 2010

Not yet done with the Coultrix circus act.

Today's blogpost from CC Ah, I have so missed the Denyseitude. with its splendid link to the self-avowed sexual proclivities of a US rightwing anti-abortion zealot, reminded me of an observation that a friend shared when she reviewed the photos Dr Roy posted after Coulter's stand-up performance at the UWO.

Funny to see those frat boys in those pics with Coulter. It's like she's in a long frame and they're in a wide frame view - except it's the same frame. Oh, what a small mind I have! She's a lévrier afghan and they're pugs.

In the canine world, cross-breeding events are of course quite common. Inter-species, not so much - unlike the sexual practices of certain rightwing males.


brebis noire said...

Heh, that's a bulldog. Pugs are slightly more endearing.
Afghan hounds are near the bottom of the breed list in terms of intelligence,though it doesn't have anything to do with the long blonde hair ;-)

sassy said...

Your choice of dog photos is perfect.

deBeauxOs said...

You're right, fern hill. In my haste to find a perfect match for the 'frat boys" of girth in Dr Roy's pix, I settled for a dog that's not a pug.

fern hill said...

I wouldn't know a pug from a fireplug. That's our animal expert, Black Sheep, who did the identification.

Speaking of black sheep, I knew a wonderful standard poodle named Baa-Baa (Black Sheep). Rufus the Clown Dog was smitten by her.

And about dumbest dogs: my sister briefly had custody of an Irish Setter. One wondered how it found its food bowl.

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