Saturday, 27 February 2010

more MASSIVE lies?

Why are rightwing and religiously deranged zealots massively bent towards the qualifier MASSIVE?

"There's a sucker born every minute" is a quote widely attributed to P. T. Barnum, a US showman and erstwhile politician who perfected in the 19th century many marketing and public relations tactics that survive to this day. In fact, one might say that Karl Rove and his acolytes have taken the basic three-ring circus leitmotif "More, more, more!" to nausea-inducing depths.

Which is probably why this nugget of faux-journalism from Lies-Site abounds with the adjective massive. (Our emphasis.)

The flow of medical supplies waiting to be distributed to tens of thousands of earthquake victims in Haiti was delayed for weeks by a massive supply of condoms dominating the space of the main storage facility there, an eyewitness with insider information has told (LSN).

The central pharmaceutical supply center, known as PROMESS (Program on Essential Medicine and Supplies), is home to the operations of the World Health Organization (WHO)/Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in the area. "Without PROMESS we would have had a second catastrophe," Dr. Alex Larsen, Haitian Minister of Health, said at the PROMESS warehouse recently.

However, the glut of condoms at that same warehouse delayed the massive influx of aid pouring in from around the world, according to an inside source, and may have cost lives. The source reported that shipping containers of medical supplies were unable to be unloaded, sorted and distributed since an enormous supply of condoms clogged the facility till early February, when the condoms could be removed. The condoms were estimated to take up about 70% of the space in the 17,000 sq. ft. warehouse. [...]

Nicholas Reader of the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said he was "not aware" of the problem, and directed LSN to the World Health Organization for more information. Paul Garwood, the communications officer for emergencies and humanitarian affairs at the World Health Organization, also said he was unaware of the issue. Garwood forwarded the request to colleagues in Haiti, who have not responded as of press time. While WHO officials are not speaking specifically about the condom clog, they have in more general terms admitted logistical hardships in dealing with the influx of supplies.

"Trying to both respond to the massive health needs in Haiti following the quake and organize the large volume of supplies entering the country has been a great challenge," according to WHO/PAHO representative in Haiti, Dr Henriette Chamouillet.

The scenario of medical supply buildings in the developing world taken up mostly by condoms and severely lacking in health care supplies is not new. [...]

The United Nations strategy of massive promotion of condoms as the primary solution to the AIDS crisis is reflected even in recent
reports, with no sign of letting up.

For cultures which value life, and family, the condom push into their cultures is highly offensive. Carol Ugochukwu, President of United Families of Africa in Enugu, Nigeria, commented in a 2000 interview noting that Western delegations at the United Nations were trying to "exterminate the whole race" with their promotion of condoms.

Strange how that "anonymous inside source" has no official credentials, except possibly those of a card-carrying christofascist member of the Catholic Church, like SoWrongOrNutz and Blob Blogging Wingnut. And interesting how nobody could be located to substantiate the LSN claim.

There were many outrageous delays in getting the physical resources, the appropriate provisions and humanitarian aid in time to save the hundreds of lives lost under destroyed buildings and from the lack of timely medical interventions and potable water supplies. But the odious bias and distortions on display in this piece of propaganda about the conditions in Haïti is exemplary.

Lies-Site should be given the P. T. Barnum award for finding an original way to spin the same-old Vatican Taliban anti-condom screed by exploiting the human tragedy in Haïti.

The pic of The Fetus©™ fetishizing circus clown was taken from this rightwing blogsite.


fern hill said...

Aw, come on, dBO, fess up. You snuck a couple or four extra MASSIVEs in there, didn't you? ;)

That is one lame-ass piece of writing, let alone any kind of 'news'.

They do love that word.

Great photo, by the way.

deBeauxOs said...

Ah yes, the pic. For those who suffer from coulrophobia, it may provoke the same cringing response that SUZY's gallery of glossy fetal pron does.

chris said...

Trying to imagine ~12000 sq. ft. (about two thirds of an Olympic hockey rink!) of condoms. Cases of condoms. Stacked 4, 5, 6, high. Mind boggling.
If one HAS a mind...

OT a bit, reminded me of this.

deBeauxOs said...

Canadian Cynic did some math. He even uncovered a blogger at PWPL who doesn't swallow the story.

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