Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Once more, with feeling.

Over at Canadian Cynic, C.C. writes about Stevie Spiteful's prevarication, obfuscation and confabulation. In other words: The PM Lies!

Thus the time has come to revive a great product DJ! first launched in 2008:
The Do-It-Yourself-Harper-Voodoo-Doll.

This is an effigy. Make it as minuscule as its subject deserves or as bloated as your penetrative tool of choice allows.

Go wild with pseudo-Stevie.

Act responsibly in expressing your anger against his ReformaTory government. Choose forms of expression that will be nails in the coffin of Stevie's political career. His loathsome reign has diminished Canada, but it hasn't destroyed the spirit of the Canadian people. Yet.

Go read:
Canadian Cynic: They lie because it works. & Your Conservative Party of Canada: Incoherence in action.

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