Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thanks for nuthin'

Since the ReformaTories took control of Parliament with their minority of MPs, Canada's once enviable global reputation for justice, fair play, human rights, peace-keeping, environmental responsibility and political accountability has been fouled.

It's a long list of events and decisions, engineered by Stevie's bullies (the PMO, John Baird, Jason Kenney, Tom Flanagan) and his
Attack Parrots™© in the House of Commons and in the Senate that have dragged Canada down to the level of Southern Hemisphere dictatorial regimes. Some incidents seem happenstance, though they're actually the product of the malevolent ideology Cons practice and encourage in their bureaucratic peons.

Not to overlook the hateful rhetoric that spews forth when the muzzle slips. Maurice Vellacott - for example.

Stevie Spiteful: the leader from planet Narcissus.

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