Wednesday, 27 January 2010

the lie has become ... a pillar of the State (re:redux)

They LIE.
They lie they lie they lie THEY LIE!

Over at Canadian Cynic, C. C's ... and you don't fuck with Kady O'Malley illustrates how the ReformaTory foot soldiers have received their talking points and marching orders. They're all over the comments sections of online media, spewing the same lies over and over again like Attack Parrots™©.

They LIE.
They lie they lie they lie THEY LIE!

From Paul Wells' latest article about Rights & Democracy and the comments that follow from ReformaTory acolytes, we learn there's a hierarchy amongst the Attack Parrots™©: the MASSIVE prevaricators, the doublethinkers and the common liars.

They LIE.
They lie they lie they lie THEY LIE!

Update: And perhaps they also have "friends" who read obituaries and know when to break in during a funeral to steal the good stuff.

"In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State - Alexander Solzhenitsyn."
This bit from David Matas is deliciously ironic and perhaps unwittingly transparent:
"Human rights NGOs are reluctant to take money from governments, for fear that it might compromise their independence. Political NGOs are not as reluctant, and are often financed by sympathetic governments. GONGOs, government organized NGOs, have been a traditional feature of communist regimes, but they proliferate wherever repression is found. ..."
Is Matas admitting it's effectively what Harper and his bullies are putting in place, a Rights & Democracy GONGO that will further their dominionist imperative? The hounding to death of Remy Beauregard by a trio of ideology-driven party goons leaves no doubt as to Stevie's intent and his appetite for whatever means it takes to move Canada in the "right" direction.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous photo. If it were mine, I wouldn't know whether to sue anyone who so much as looked at it, or release it under CC.

deBeauxOs said...

It was not Stephen Harper's official state photographer who captured that moment; you can be sure of that - it would have NEVER been released to be published in the Globe & Mail.

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