Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Inquiring Minds . . .

In a comment on this by deBeauxOs (who has a movie coming out next week ;)), longtime Intertoobz pal Toe nails it:
When I saw that headline the first thing I did was to see if Byrne was a Con floor-crosser, nope. I forget how many Cons are in the Lib party now, but it's a lot. Why can't we just be truthful - in that the Cons are Reformers, the Liberals are Red Tories and the NDP are Liberals. Sheesh.

So, where did the social democrats go?


deBeauxOs said...

You gave away my fraking punch line aka dénouement!

Stevie (teh) Spiteful is the ReformaTory Anti-Christ which explains why Canada is going to hell in the handmaid's basket, right?

Anonymous said...

LOL well not quite my good womyns. Stevie/Blair put out the bullshite on how Israel must be kept 'intact' (like a hymen, I hate that the word hymen has men in it for fucks sakes, that's so stupid) for the rapture. Obama's shadow gov is going off-message, so that's why we're all going to hell in the handmaid's basket. Except it is really the handmen's basket.

deBeauxOs said...

Alright then. Boogie bagmen.

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