Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Michele Bachman: Not acting like a "lady"?

DJ! may not blog as much about Michele Bachman as we do about that other tea-bagging, rightwing, anti-feminist religious zealot (and former Republican vp candidate) but when we do ...

We hear that the RNC is shrieeeking because a Democrat senator purportedly said something sexist to Bachman. So we went looking for an explanation of what happened and found

First, the background: Specter's remarks came during a special broadcast [...] to mark the first year of President Obama's term. Specter, the 79-year-old Republican-turned-Democrat, who is facing a tough primary [...] at one point during an exchange over the health-care bill noted that Bachmann had said she voted for prosperity.

"Well, prosperity wasn't a bill," the Pennsylvania senator began to explain. "Well, why don't we make it a bill?" said Bachmann, talking over him. "Now wait a minute," Specter said. "Don't interrupt me. I didn't interrupt you. Act like a lady."

"Well, I think I am a lady," Bachmann said. "I think you are, too," Specter said. "That's why I'm treating you like one. But just don't interrupt me."

Needless to say, conservatives have been completely up at arms over this comment. [...] Bachmann is decrying his "arrogance," saying he "basically told me to sit down and be quiet."

She's right. He did tell her to sit down and be quiet. But that was because she was interrupting him. With nearly 30 years in the senate under his belt, the rules of civility that are second nature in congressional debate are no doubt reflexive to him. Congress people refer to each other as "esteemed colleague," "gentleman" or "gentlewoman." The term "lady" to him, both from his history in office and from being of an older generation would not be as loaded as it could be for those of us under the age of 60.

Then, there is the fact that Bachmann wasn't upset by his term, but for being told to stop talking. Her response back, "I think I am a lady," shows clearly that she embraces that word and the characteristics implied by it. Of course, the Republicans have taken the clip and run, in an attempt to help Specter's opponent in the next election.

And, without the smallest trace of irony, the RNC is claiming Specter is treating women like "second class citizens" (because taking away their rights to their own bodies, on the other hand, is NOT treating them like second class citizens).

And of course, you've read by now about the punk Watergate-wannabees being busted and likely charged for a number of federal times and allegedly attempting to wiretap a Democrat senator's office.
Canadian Cynic: Yeah, about that whole ACORN thing ...

As JJ reminds us: "It’s not a crime if you’re a Republican!" Neither does obstructing access to abortion constitute an assault on women's rights, IYAR.

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