Friday, 15 January 2010

Insite keeps legal right to maintain services.

Zoom at knitnut blogs about Cathy Crowe and wonders about the Insite appeal.

Good news!

Stevie Spiteful's ReformaTories lose their appeal; Insite maintains right to keep providing their Downtown Eastside clients with services.

Dr Gabor Maté is interviewed about his work in the DTES with the Onsite program.


fern hill said...

Zow! Pow! Smackdown in Vancouver!

Didn't Tony ('I don't get no email') Clement blather something about 'Canadian values' when as health minister he didn't renew its licence?

Here's the news, Tony. Helping people is an important Canadian value.

Anonymous said...

He called it an 'abomination' like some two-bit Elmer Gantry:

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