Friday, 15 January 2010

I Still Feel Pretty

Though how he could after this, I can't imagine.

My all-time fave foto of Dear Leader, looking soooo prime ministerial.

(This is deBeauxOs's fault. This post of hers gave me an ear-worm that only this photo could cure.)


deBeauxOs said...

Wanna bet the photo above does not hang in the prorogue's gallery in the House of Commons?

By the way, I think that the film version of the lyrics are more appropriate to your choice of Stevie Spiteful picture.

"I feel pretty.
Oh so pretty.
I feel pretty and witty and gay..."

fern hill said...

Damn you, dBO, you started the ear-worm up again. ;)

k'in said...

Poor Steve. His Village People audition didn't make the cut. Poor us. We're stuck with Steve the Village Idiot.

deBeauxOs said...


k'in is the thread winner!

Where would you like us to send you that glossy autographed photo of Stevie the Village idjit?

Bina said...

The gays just called.

They don't want him.

Sorry, Stevie. May I suggest a propeller beanie and short pants instead?

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