Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Short Learning Curve

Last week DAMMIT JANET! raised a number of questions about Stevie Spiteful's "low-key" performance at the UN Copenhagen climate change conference.

We learn from
C. C. - About that whole "fascist" label ... how his bullies handled the spoof government website, after a prank press release highlighted the do-nothing, say-nothing strategy on climate change adopted by the ReformaTories.

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that this Conservative government has taken to emulating the authoritarianism of its new Chinese overlords so smoothly? What's next?


Anonymous said...

What's next has already happened: virtually no Reformatory comment on the execution by the Chinese of a Canadian citizen.

Put your best right boot forward....

Anonymous said...

Er, correction. British citizen.

Anonymous said...

But the announcement of shutting down Parliament surely follows suit..

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