Monday, 28 December 2009

Dodo Can't

I know it's lame, but when the name of your blog is 'Dodo Can Spell' and you have this headline. . . well, it's kind of irresistible, innit?


FFIB said...

How linguistically morphological of you :D

Mrs. Bitch said...

I thought that was a "very" well written introduction.

BTW, Dodo, none of us can "hear" your blog, so earplugs won't help. Maybe you should warn everyone to cover their eyes when your blog comes up.

Obviously, misuse of quotation marks is a pet peeve of mine.

fern hill said...

Hiya, Mrs. Bitch.

I visited your blog and just added you to our blogroll.

Bina said...

WTF is "communision"? Seeing as it's not in the dictionary, no wonder it doesn't work. It doesn't even EXIST!

BTW, my "solution" (note "quotation marks"!) to the Dodo problem is simply not to visit her dumber-than-dog-droppings blog.

chris said...

I must be dumb as a dodo 'cuz I went and read the post. And followed the link. And read the comment by Patrick R...!
It was awesome!
Oops, sorry, I musta got some of the stupid on me.

fern hill said...

Bina, I saw it at Blogging Tories. Then went to get a screen-shot. Normally, I Do Not Go There.

chris, sorry about that. ;)

L-girl said...

A communision... An admission of being communist? A communist emission? The munitions of a communist?

There must be an explanation! I will not rest until I find one!

deBeauxOs said...

I've seen typos in posts by proggressive bloggers. In fact, I sometimes confuse the french and english spelling of words that are used in both language.

But when something happens to be the biggest, baddest historical boogie monster that rightwing RepubliCons and ReformaTories can screech, one would think the actual word would be known to all of them. As a real word.

Mrs. Bitch said...

Hey fern hill, thanks! I've had you guys bookmarked and been visiting every day for a while now -- now you're blogrolled too :)

Ferdzy said...

Communision - obviously, it's what you call the left-wing dominated media; you know, the one that doesn't let the right wing point of view get a word in edgewise. One medium in particular, ahem. /sarcasm

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