Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Forsaking the Symmetry of Sin?

While I correctly predicted the immediate shrieeeking over the shooting of a
supposed Michigan anti-abortion activist
by a seemingly distressed and poorly medicated man, I was holding fire over this event.
Just before eight this morning a woman was going into the building for women on 1st Street in Duluth when she was met by a small group of pro-life supporters.

The protesters urged the woman not to get an abortion when the woman pulled a knife on one of the protesters.

No one was injured in the altercation.

More details here:
Duluth police arrested a 25-year-old woman this morning after she allegedly brandished a knife and threatened two anti-abortion demonstrators outside the Building for Women, 32 E. First St.

The incident occurred at 7:47 a.m., according to demonstrators who said the suspect was on her way into the building and had a verbal exchange with them before pulling a knife. The suspect reportedly held the knife to the neck of one demonstrator and told her to stop speaking. When the second demonstrator reportedly went to help the first, the suspect allegedly threatened her with the knife, as well. Neither demonstrator was injured, and the suspect reportedly went into the building.

Duluth Police arrested the suspect inside the Building for Women. Police report finding a knife in her purse. She was taken into custody and sent to the St. Louis County Jail, where she is being held pending charges of second-degree assault.

Slight digression: I wondered about 'building for women' in the first report, capitalized in the second. So, I googled (emphasis mine).
The Building for Women is a home for organizations and activities which promote the safety, dignity and empowerment of women and others in our region. Our mission is to provide safe, accessible and affordable space in which organizations and individuals, serving primarily women, can grow and thrive. Our goal is to support the women of this region by enhancing the long-term financial stability of the organizations that serve them. The Building for Women serves more than 30,000 women, children and men from northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan and from western Ontario each year. It is a local and regional model for cooperative capital efforts, shared resources and coordinated service delivery.

The Building for Women houses 23 tenants, among them:

League of Women Voters
Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault
Women's Health Center
Institute for a Sustainable Future
AFL-CIO Duluth
American Association of University Women
Aurora: A Northland Lesbian Center
Boyz II Dadz
Adeline, hair salon and art gallery

According to the comments at the second news link, the building is regularly picketed, because, presumably, of the presence of a clinic offering abortion services along with the usual health services to women like birth control and cancer screening. Or, maybe, it is picketed simply because it is dedicated to women's lives and work.

So, maybe the woman was going in for rape counselling. Or to get her hair done. We don't know yet.

In any case, I waited to see what hay the fetus fetishist shrieeekosphere would try to make of this act of pro-choice violence. So far, there's just this rather bland report, largely a quote from a news source prefaced by:
As sidewalk counselors "demonstrated" outside of a Duluth abortion mill they were given a frightening reminder of the violent nature of abortion.

(I guess demonstrated is in quotation marks, because they weren't demonstrating, they were 'counselling', as in 'harassing'.)

Why isn't the forced-pregnancy gang all over this? As they were with the Michigan shootings, the flying fetus fetish fancier, a (SHRIEEEK!) pregnant anti-choice harasser attacked by a clinic worker, and the terrible crime of egging the home of Cheryl Sullenger a few years ago. (Yes, that's the convicted terrorist Cheryl Sullenger, who pals around with Scott Roeder, confessed assassin of Dr George Tiller.)

Among other heinous acts of pro-choice violence, there are also allegations of drivers aiming cars at clinic harassers, rude language directed at them, and even -- gasp! -- spitting!

One would think that an actual weapon being brandished would elicit an immediate and martrygasmic outpouring of 'See, see, see? The pro-choicers are just as violent as the lone nutbars who have absolutely no, zip, zero, nada connection with the anti-abortion gang!!1!!'

You think the fetus fetishists are giving up on what the Washington Post calls the 'symmetry of sin', or, more commonly, false equivalence?
A comparison predicated literally on duplicity, i.e. on the shifting, imprecise, or tactical (re)definition of a linking term.

Nah, me neither.

UPDATE: Ah, here they come: SUZY ALL-SHRIEEEK and LifeShite. The LifeShite link isn't working for me, so, gee, I guess we have no idea what they have to say about this. I'll check back later.

MORE UPDATE: From LifeShite. A rising tide of pro-choice violence:
A Minnesota woman faces assault charges after she allegedly pulled a knife on a pro-life advocate who encouraged her not to have an abortion. The assault follows a shooting that took place in September in Michigan that saw local pro-life advocate Jim Pouillon shot and killed as he protested abortion.

Because pulling a knife on somebody who is screaming at you not to kill your bay-bee when you may be going to a rape counselling sesssion is EXACTLY the same as a disturbed man shooting a fake abortion protester. Right?


JJ said...

I can't agree with the Egging of the Sullenger home.

A volley of dog shit fired out of a paintball gun would have been far more appropriate.

deBeauxOs said...

Actually JJ, don't you think pigshit volleys would be more appropriate?

JJ said...

True true. I guess I was just thinking of the most readily available ammo around here... actually, that would probably be cat shit, which I don't even have to go outside to get, since they still use that god-forsaken tray.

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