Friday, 18 September 2009

Michigan Murders: More Update

This story just keeps getting sadder.

The accused, Harlan Drake, now back in prison after a suicide attempt, was involved in a fatal highway accident, an event which may illuminate his current mental state.
In October 2004, Drake was driving north on U.S. 63 in Ottumwa when he crashed into a two-door Pontiac Firebird driven by a 16-year-old boy, according to a report by the Iowa State Patrol.

The teen driver was turning left off southbound U.S. 63 and didn't yield to Drake's semitruck, the report said. Two passengers in the Firebird, ages 15 and 16, were killed.

"I remember it. The kids pulled right in front of him," Ottumwa police Lt. Tom McAndrew said Friday. "It's a four-lane in the middle of Ottumwa and has heavy traffic. There have been some serious wrecks there."

Jerry Angle, now retired from the Iowa State Patrol, recalled going to the scene and finding Drake "really upset. He was broke up bad."

"They still stick flowers on the corner there," Angle said. "There was nothing awry on the trucker's part. It was bad judgment by a young driver."

So, maybe the exploitation of ugly, gory, fake abortion photos to high-schoolers by a fake anti-abortion harasser, you know, set someone who had witnessed actual death of actual high-schoolers off.


Bina said...

The more I read about this dude, the more sorry I feel for him. Obviously, he needs mental help. Maybe now he'll finally get some.

brebis noire said...

And SOMEONE was positing that there was likely an abortion in his life somewhere to set him off like that. As if that is the only legitimate trauma experience a person is entitled to. Sheesh.
This story: layers of sadness.
Thanks for keeping us posted, fern.

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