Thursday, 17 September 2009

Who ya gonna believe?

The man's son or a fetus-fixated freak?
Dr. James M. Pouillon, a Grand Rapids podiatrist who had not spoken to his father since 2001, criticized him and the attention he's getting in a post on a story about Harlan Drake, the man accused of killing Pouillon's father, James L. Pouillon, on Sept. 11.

The whole nation is debating if Pouillon was a martyr. Here is what the younger Pouillon had to say in an post on on Sept. 13:

"It will be impossible for some to believe, but my dad really didn't care about aborton.

He did this to stalk, harass, terrorize, scream at, threaten, frighten, and verbally abuse women. He had a pathologic hatred of women: his mom, my mom, everyone.

After my mom finally left him and he lost his favorite punching bag the violence and abuse that was always contained within our 4 walls was unleased on the people of Owosso.

My dad used the pro-life movement and 1st Amendments foundations to defend him, support him, and enable him. He fooled them all.

He was at the high school because my niece was there, and female family members were always his favorite targets.

Again, my dad didn't care about abortion. He wanted to hurt people, upset people. He enjoyed making people suffer.

His goal was to be shot on a sidewalk. His goal was to make someone so angry, to make them feel so terrorized, to make them feel the only way they could make him stop was to kill him.

His pro-life stance was the most perfect crime I personally know of. He hid behind the 1st Amendment and was allowed to stalk, terrorise, harass, be obsene, ect. These things are crimes. Offending people isn't a crime, and having different political views isn't a crime, but he committed several crimes over the last 20 years and got away with it.

Yes I really am his oldest son. Owosso is now rid of a mad man."

Gee. Remind you of anybody?

Oh yeah. This guy.

Pro-life, my ass. Violently anti-woman is more like it.


Pseudz said...

Poor Pouillon, the Younger for having to have had to live with the man. My thanks go out to him for speaking Truth-to Madness.

... and to you and the Flint Journal for getting his voice broadcast.

Has the 'Dark Side' reacted to what sez?

Bina said...

Wow, great video. Anyone get that wanker's name?

fern hill said...

Bina, I can't find a link, but I saw a discussion at the time it was posted by the fabulous Jenn Farr that he's a known habitual clinic-harasser in Ottawa.

Pseudz, nah, they won't react. Pouillon is a martyr, a martyr, I tellz ya.

jj said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. When you look at the guy's rap sheet, there are some stalking charges (one conviction). Plus, when someone is this well known ('the abortion sign guy'), you have to wonder how many people he's pissed off. One for sure, obviously. I wonder if they had a history?

His 1st amendment rights notwithstanding (and no matter how much I disagree with his message, I believe he had a right to say it), it's all in the delivery. Free speech doesn't include harassment and intimidation, which sounds like this guy's trip.

I've often said there's something creepy about anti-choice men and their obsession with women's issues, and this is a fine example.

deBeauxOs said...

... anti-choice men and their obsession with "women's issues".

More specifically, their need to control women's reproductive capacity AND their naughty bits.

So SUZANNE, are you still putting up Pouillon Père for canonization?

Oh wait. I forgot you're best buds with the gynophobes known as "Ken" and SoWrongOrNutz. So it seems you're probably okay with "Saint Jim Pouillon" as the spiritual icon for your movement.

brebis noire said...

Wow, just wow. And I was giving him the benefit of the doubt as a harmless wacko with a cause.
I don't think BBW will react, at least not until she finds a way to spin this. Might take a while.
In the meantime, she's in comment lockdown, I believe. Too much (reasonable) opposition!

CK said...

Wow! The irony of these lifers never ceases to amaze me. Life seems to stop after Birth.

That ol' cranky man in the blue cape needs an exorcist or some extra fibre!

jj said...

This is weird: I was at Nurse Stanek's blog, and she's whining that pro-choice organizations haven't issued press releases condemning Pouillon's murder. Uhh... Why would they? It's as reprehensible as any murder, but the murderer wasn't a pro-choice activist. He was a nut.

These people can't seriously think this murder was a pro-choice/anti-choice thing. They can't be that dumb.

Or can they? LOL

Bina said...

"...he's a known habitual clinic harasser in Ottawa."

Color me SO shocked! Bet he's real popular with the ladies, too.

"Life seems to stop after Birth."

Well, INTELLIGENT life does, with these guys anyway.

deBeauxOs said...

JJ - as far as they're concerned, it makes no difference. If they're forced, obligated and inconvenienced by the optics of having to issue a press release condemning the criminal actions of those who shoot doctors, then they damn well want pro-choice to do the same, even when it's obviously NOT the same.

Go figure.

Cliff said...

Also interesting the Poullin the younger describes himself as a pro-lifer (in the comments). I've always seen a distinction between real pro-lifers and anti-choicers and the younger Dr Poullin personifies that distinction for me. People I can disagree with but not fear and despise because they feel the same way about me.

croghan27 said...

The clinic in Ottawa is just across the street from my bank - so I am near there often. I think the demonstrators had taken the summer off - I have not seen them in months, after a big push in late spring.

I shall keep an eye out for that sucker and report sightings.

fern hill said...

Hiya, croghan. If you see him, ask him for me how he likes being 'pro-life poster boy'. If you sneered a little while asking, that would be good. ;)

croghan27 said...

I have always found the demonstrators to be rather timid and well behaved on Bank Street in Ottawa. I know that is not frequently the case - but this spring the 'regs' with the signs, none of foetuses, were more intend upon exhibiting opposition than they were in intimidating anyone. (It is also the entrance to a just below ground shopping centre and I suppose the tenants would get owly if they were aggressive.) they certainly are no more irksome than JWs or Scientologists on Yonge Street in Toronto.

The RCMP that are brought in from around the country to guard Parliament also park just down the road near Speaks Street - so that may have some calming influence. (I guess that is why they are there, I asked one where the Public Library was and he did not know.)

Yes, fern, if he is at the usual post, i shall certainly ask him .. and mention his wish for the killing baby.

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