Friday, 11 September 2009

Martyr or Zealot?

The Flint Journal interviewed a man who knew one of the two men shot today in Owosso, Michigan. The anti-abortion one, not the other one, the gravel company owner, whose views on abortion are as yet unpublished.

In fact, the man interviewed had known the anti-abortion guy for most of his life and worked with him at the Buick plant in Flint. He saw him outside the school -- and WTF is up with protesting abortion at a highschool? -- twice this week and heard that he'd been there all week.
"He was the kind of guy, well, if you want to say he was kind of radical, to do the things he was doing, with the demeanor he had to display the fetus on this big, full-color signs, you had to be a little radical. He's been all over the state protesting. He was committed."

Decaire said he would talk to Pouillon "from time to time," generally about their days in the shop.

"But he always had his abortion sign with him. He was known as 'the sign guy'."

Over at LifeShite, the canonization has begun.
Occasionally, as he was doing this morning, Pouillon was known to stand near Owosso high school to discuss abortion with the students there.

Occasionally, eh? (And pssst, he probably didn't stand, since he used a wheelchair and much is being made elsewhere of his handicapped status.)

You gotta hand it to LifeShite, though. The story admits to a few warts on the guy.
Court records published by local news reports show that Pouillon has been cited on charges connected to his pro-life activities, mostly minor infringements related to property laws, many of which were dismissed. In 2000, Pouillon was found guilty for stalking - a charge Zastrow [friend and fellow anti-abortion protester] says was unjustly brought against the veteran pro-lifer.

Oh, and look who else weighs in. Operation Scumbag, one of the main enablers of Dr George Tiller's assassin.
Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told LSN that Pouillon, who participated in Operation Rescue, was a "dear friend" and "always an encourager."

All the usual suspects are lining up to play martyr. Hop over to JJ's to read about the fetus fetishists' 'news conference'.

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aaroncrowe said...

I know we are going crazy protesting against Abortions; however, have we lost the reason why abortions are being considered???? It’s called “Relations” and most of these are out of marriage…this is what we need to be discussing in order to stop putting the band aid on abortions…then we will see less of them taking place…Please, let’s talk more about Abstinence…

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