Sunday, 30 August 2009

What's New Poussez-Quette?

When I posted I-See-Dead-People: Palin and her sycophant. my co-blogger, who is most definitely not a cat person, had one of those aaaw moments because of the picture.

So I'm sharing the YouTube above with her, with DAMMIT JANET! readers - some who will be affirmed in their decision to not be owned by a cat and others who will be relieved that they're not owned by Simon's Cat.

Ah - the spelling of Poussez-Quette? I'm slowly reading Julia Child's My Life in France. I hear Meryl Streep's voice. But I don't see dead people.

Merci to Mandos for the Simon's Cat link.


fern hill said...

Funny. Thank you.

DJ! readers have probably figured out that the choice of illustration on our banner was not mine.

But isn't it a commendable display of lefty tolerance -- something so insanely absent on the rightwingnut side -- that I didn't object. OK, didn't object much. OK, I stopped objecting fairly soon.

(Acutally, I find it fun and a compliment in a uniquely dBO-esque way. The image combines TWO entities in which I am not much interested -- food and cats. She's an odd person, dBO. Guess her astrological sign. MASSIVE prize to the winner!)

Bina said...

LOL--Simon's Cat is MY cat, albeit on drugs (my cats don't wreck the house). It's amazing how well he got the "mousing" behaviors down, right to the "praise me, pet me" attitude and special meows she makes when she catches something. She even brings me snakes. (Thanks, sweetie, you're a good girl. Now put that back in the grass where you found it!)

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