Sunday, 30 August 2009

Push-Back Continued

I'm liking Dr LeRoy Carhart more the more I learn about him.

He's not taking Operation Re-Skew's crap lying down. Far from it.

Adding to this weekend's humiliation of the anti-abortion terrorist-enablers, Dr Carhart invited a local tv station to tour his clinic.
The anti-abortion group, Operation Rescue claims four past employees at the clinic say his staff is unqualified and the clinic has unclean conditions. "We've already identified several things that this clinic is violating state statues and we're going to be meeting with the attorney general to close this abortion clinic down once and for all," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Carhart calls the claims outright lies. He shows us where tools are sterolized, the ultra-sound room, and pharmacy that's under lock and key.

Since the murder of his friend and abortion doctor, Dr. George Tiller; he's even more aware of the danger that comes with his job. "I think about security a lot more than the average person," said Bellevue Abortion Clinic Dr. LeRoy Carhart. But he says that will never stop him from fighting for what he feels is right. Performing late-term abortions for woman he says face gut-wrenching circumstances. "We're not going to allow them to deny us our choice," Carhart said.

(I expect those tools are sterilized, too.)

You go, Dr Carhart.


JJ said...

Operation ReScum is saying that pro-choicers yelled a patient's name through a bull horn and "frightened her" into seeking help from them. (They then convinced her not to have an abortion and another Embryo-American was saved.)

LOL, what a bunch of bullshitters! They're trying hard to keep their followers in the dark about what an epic fail this weekend was for them... can't keep those wallets and checkbooks open with epic fails.

deBeauxOs said...

They yelled out her name?

How did they know her name - did someone in her family rat her out to OR?

Bina said...

Pro-choicers did WHAT?

deBeauxOs said...

I think that it's the feotishists who did the yelling out - there would be no reason for pro-choice supporters to do that, but much to gain for zealots.

JJ said...

Nobody yelled out anyone's name -- OpScum is making it up (SURPRISE!). Talk about projection: yelling out someone's name is exactly the kind of intimidation Operation Rescum would use.

BTW, they were also taking pictures of all the pro-choice protesters. Now why would that be, I wonder?

JJ said...

Also -- there apparently was someone who pretended to be going to the clinic for an appointment, then changed her mind and went to Operation Scumbag, who "saved" her "baby".

A pretty obvious OpScum plant. So they can go home and tell the rubes: we saved a fetus-American!

Bina said...

...from a woman who probably wasn't even pregnant.

Transparent much?

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