Tuesday, 9 June 2009

On Vultures

We said it first and psa at Canadian Cynic: On Vultures has now said it best.

What was it that Blob Blogging Wingnut called it? Oh yes, 'vulturism'. That sure wasn't a very nice or even clever attempt at re-purposing the term for HER own use by lifting it from a US blogger who stole it from a blogpost of ours that was re-posted.

Isn't "Thou shall not steal" one of the 10 commandments? Also, stealing makes Baby Jesus cry.

SUZIE ALL-CAPS seems to share that very special proclivity - the impulse to "borrow liberally" from the words of others and to spin them for HER own ends - with political crush Sarah Palin.

So, to summarize: psa is a brilliant wordsmith. In the admirable way that he and his fellow support bro's and co-winners of The Canadian F-Word Award have developed, he blogs honestly and fiercely.

And Blob Blogging Wingnut is still a vituperative vulture.


croghan27 said...

"he blog honestly and fiercely"

add poetically to that too ...

deBeauxOs said...

Some of the CFWA support bro's are more poetic than others - I agree that psa lets that quality shine through in this particular post.

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