Friday, 26 June 2009

Investigative journalism: the excellent and the ugly.

JJ at unrepentant old hippie brings us up to speed on the latest escapades of the pseudo-investigative pro-lies darling Lila Rose. One of her odious little productions has been removed from YouTube and ...
Predictably, the whining and yammering is rising to an ululating crescendo as the denizens of Nurse Stanek’s Psych Ward & Basketweaving Workshop stroke themselves into a persecution-driven ragegasm ...
Ah yes, it's all about their conspiracy-driven premise that women seeking help from US Planned Parenthood and the staff are in collusion to commit murder. Murder most foul!!! The Every-Sperm-Is-Sacred League of fetus fetishists and abortion-criminalizers is willing to see all clinics closed to achieve their aims. Women suffering from various chronic and life-threatening illnesses related to their reproductive systems be damned!

At the opposite end of the investigative journalism spectrum, as far as possible from Lila Rose's "How to Entrap and Defame Planned Parenthood Clients and Staff and Make $100,000." videos as possible is the excellent Dennis Gruending and his recent exposé of the pro-lies campaign to shut down Peace and Development.

Back in April we blogged about this particular manifestation of religious zealotry. Gruending however meticulously followed up every allegation, every shrieeek, and every MASSIVE accusation against Peace and Development and connects it to a resolutely self-righteous and self-serving movement within the Catholic Church.

A Catholic organization should, by LifeSite’s criterion, be prevented from participating in any project that is not explicitly Catholic in its values and approach. In other words, Catholic organizations should not be involved in anything that the church does not direct or control. This rigid triumphalism is entirely contrary to Vatican II, which promoted engagement in the world with people of other religions and people of good will. To place this mentality in a Canadian context, Catholic organizations should not participate in any project with the United Church of Canada because that church does not subscribe to Catholic positions on abortion or contraception, not to mention women’s ordination. ...

The great misfortune here would be to have the church retreat from engagement into a judgemental and sterile ghetto. In fact, this is already beginning to happen. Some Catholics, including bishops, have chided Amnesty International for supporting family planning as a woman’s right and the organization has had to curtail its clubs and fund raising activities in certain Catholic schools. Other Catholic schools have reportedly cancelled fundraisers for the Stephen Lewis Foundation because Lewis promotes the distribution of condoms to combat the spread of AIDS.

It appears as though the Vatican Taliban continues to promote human suffering as a strategy for entrenching its ideologically-driven doctrine.


the regina mom said...

Heh. I love that you are quoting Dennis here! I love Dennis! Once upon a time he worked as the a.m. show host at CBC Regina. He interviewed me in studio about a Women's Centre campaign we'd launched. It was my first media interview and he was great! I don't remember how I was, however!

jj said...

Wow, that's a great article from Dennis Gruending.

I've been following this D&P thing off & on, and some of the accusations are absolutely absurd. They're jumping on anything that even remotely addresses "womens' rights" or "equality"... it's bizarre. But it certainly shows what's behind the mask.

deBeauxOs said...

He's on our blogroll. He's a remarkable writer, much better than Mark Steyn for example. It's the rigour of his research and the quality of his compassion that make Grunding's blog so outstanding.

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