Friday, 26 June 2009

Cue the shrieeekkking in 3 ... 2 ... 1.

Expect the following news item to become a MASSIVE headline on pro-lies websites over the next days and possibly weeks.

Frantic to reverse the downward spin that their implicit support for and explicit incitation to carry out the public execution of Dr George Tiller last month has precipated, abortion-criminalizing and zygote zealot organizations will be frothing and shrieeeking about the incident.

Road rage is never an acceptable response to a perceived provocation, even when the target is a propaganda-toting rightwingnutter.

It remains for the Chico, California police to determine whether charges should be laid against the driver of the SUV who allegedly attempted to hit a protester outside a Planned Parenthood clinic with his vehicle.

Already Lifeshite has branded the driver an "abortion advocate" in its coverage of the incident. Now what? Are fetus fetishists going to start claiming that any imagined threat, such as those that had Jill Stank's knickers in knots, is an attempt to produce a "retroactive abortion"?


Added by fern hill: Here you go, dBO, SHE is on it.


fern hill said...

From the story: the man had a child in the car who asked him about the dead fetus pr0n on the sign the old fart was holding. That's what made him so angry. I don't see how that makes him an 'abortion advocate'. He might be a plain old 'don't get in my face with your weird, disgusting shit' advocate.

And yeah, LifeShite is already on it.

deBeauxOs said...

Blob Blogging Wingnut said: "You know, the fact that the feminists blame pro-lifers and call us responsible for George Tiller's death...

That's extremist, incendiary hate speech.

Now pro-abortion passers-by at abortion clinics will be out to get us, and the feminist hate speech will provide justification for these assaults.

I bet some commenters will say they don't agree with hitting Canfield, but deep down they're celebrating. They're happy that he was attacked.

See how easy it is to make baseless, unprovable assertions about causation and intentions?

I can just predict the rebuttals: but ours is true: you're just making yours up!

As if believing their rhetoric makes it any more true.".

But SAINTE-NITOUCHE, YOU believe YOUR rhetoric! YOU proclaim YOURS is the true truth!

And that is why we call them lying pro-lies liars. Blob Blogging Wingnut has the Rovian technique down pat, as popularized by Rush Limbaugh and vulgarized by Michelle Malkin.

jj said...

Aw, the old fart probably shoved the sign right in the guy's face. That's just what they do, they shove those things as close as they can get them.

Not too hard to visualize what really went on. Oh fetus fetishists, mangling the truth again!

jj said...

deBeauxOs - "the feminist hate speech"? She said that?? LOL, what an asshole. Seriously.

Dr. Prole said...

Feminist hate speech - that's f'ing awesome! Quick, someone make a blog badge!

deBeauxOs said...

SHE's doing the parrot schtick, repeating comments left in HER combox and changing a few words.

Hard to tell whether SHE's regressing to childhood or early dementia is setting in.

deBeauxOs said...

Dr. Prole - SHE probably will, and stick it up next to HER sow.

LuLu's got HER in a nutshell.

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