Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Jon & Kate + Hate

Whoa! There is some serious schadenfreude happening in the US. First there was the adoration that fetus fetishists heaped upon octo-mom, only to back pedal furiously and run shrieeeking from the media phenom as grittier details of her life emerged. Now it appears that the long-suffering residents of Wernersville Pennsylvania have ratted out Jon and Kate to the paparazzi. Rather than bringing economic prosperity to the town and generating good will, it appears that the couple's egoistic arrogance and ostentatious preening has provoked quite the nasty backlash.

As evidence of their marital melt-down spreads from the tabloids to prime-time TV, it would seem that Jon and Kate did not learn the # 1 lesson of how to exploit and harvest the fruits of breeding multiples: Make sure that you share some of the profits of your industry with the community. And by that, I don't mean scoring free haircuts from the styling salon in town, like the odd rooster coif Kate is sporting while promoting her merchandise.

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