Saturday, 14 February 2009

Shrieeekkk! Breeding lesbians are to blame!

From this moment on, I must stop imagining who else the scathingly idiotic "Religious (don't call us that) Right" are going to blame. A thought crossed my mind the other day, wondering how the fetus fetishists were going to spin their way out of the support they initially provided to Octuplets' Mom Nadya Suleman.

Bruce of Canuck Attitude kindly provided the answer:
As you all know from our secret meetings where we plan out our world domination, the gays are responsible for all the world's ills– or at least that's what Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council believes. Our latest victory, according to the virulently homophobic jerk is to force America's women to turn out litters of children. Nadya Suleman's eight children are not the result of a sloppy fertility treatment, but rather, the result of procreating lesbians.
Shrieeekkk! The Family Research Council's
Tony Perkins is quite the little drama queen.


fern hill said...

Hooray! The perfect wingnut storm is even perfecter! As I blogged here, Joe.My.God. wanted Nadya to be a lesbian.

'I don't think there ever been a single story until now that hits on every right-wing talking point: immigration, two-parent families, abortion, welfare, religion, Iraq, socialism, fiscal responsibility, etc etc etc. Now if we could just get the mother to be a lesbian too....'

But caused by lesbians is even better. :)

deBeauxOs said...

eh. I knew that you'd appreciate Bruce's input.

The *secret* agenda is unfolding according to plan.

bruce said...

I really wish somebody would let me in on that fucking secret someday. :lol:

Skinny Dipper said...

I love breed and butter issues.

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