Saturday, 14 February 2009

Paternal Love

There was a link to my blogpost Fetus fetishists are *secret* judeophobes. that led to "Leonard", a frequent commenter at Blob Blogging Wingnut's site. His response was a litany of syllogistic fallacies one expects from the follower of a religious institution that simultaneously accepts Holocausts deniers in its clergy yet usurps the Shoah when it suits its political and ideological imperatives. The text about fatherhood was thought-provoking though, and I left the comment below - which is unlikely to be posted.
There is no >>more. That link goes to Socon.

I found the selection a fairly faithful description of
my father. He loved, supported and respected my mother, me, my sisters, in the way described in the text.

As he became more aware of the loathsome suppression of information the Catholic Church exerted, its insistence that priests who had abused girls and boys entrusted to them did not have to apologize and its hypocrisy and desperate maneuvers to hold on to its wealth, he stopped attending Mass.

Clean up your own religious institution before you start preaching about good to those who do good, who believe in a just God and live by the words of Jesus' Gospel.

I imagine that you will not allow this comment on your blog.

Afterwards, I wondered if the part that was left off M-r Leonard's blogpost was the bit that reassured men that the reward for their "self-less" sacrifice is the total authority the Vatican gives them over women, such as the clergy have over their "bride", the Catholic Church.


jj said...

I think Leonard has uterus envy.

Námo Mandos said...

I read the article he was linking to (he fixed the link). I thought it was actually pretty insightful. It noted, correctly, that contraception changes the relation of women to men, and makes it more possible for women to fulfill the functions that men have fulfilled.

It would have been more complete if it had also noted that it allows men to fulfill some of the functions that women have fulfilled, but nothing's perfect.

The only thing is whether you believe this is a good or necessary occurrence.

deBeauxOs said...

Well, I do have to give him credit for posting my comment.

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