Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sexism rocks at OC Transpo, atheism not so much.

We were going to blog about this advertising campaign in the nation's capital but we didn't get A Round 2 It until Miss Vicky scooped us.

Virgin Radio? Pregnant adolescents? The Gods of Rock? Lock up your daughters? Now appearing at most of the local bus shelters.

A witty and powerful counter campaign has been started by accidental altruist. Thanks to Miss Vicky, we find out that OC Transpo is fine with taking money for an advertising campaign that is long on misogyny and short on humour but refused ads from the Freethought Association of Canada, a registered charity based in Toronto that promotes education on secular world views.

The ad, which says “There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life,” was rejected based on a clause in OC Transpo’s advertising policy that states, “Religious advertising which promotes a specific ethic, point of view or action that might be offensive to users of the transit system is not permitted,” said John Donaldson, the city’s program manager of transit, marketing and customer service. "We had a look at the policy and our response was we should not be running that ad,” he said.
So how about those Gods of Rock, presumably on a rampage to impregnate female adolescents? Isn't Virgin Radio promoting PANTHEISM?


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