Saturday, 31 January 2009

Octuplets = $2 Million

Well, of course, she would.

THE single mother of octuplets born in California last week is seeking $2m (£1.37m) from media interviews and commercial sponsorship to help pay the cost of raising the children.

Nadya Suleman, 33, plans a career as a television childcare expert after it emerged last week that she already had six children before giving birth on Monday. She now has 14 below the age of eight.

Although still confined to an LA hospital bed, she intends to talk to two influential television hosts this week — media mogul Oprah Winfrey, and Diane Sawyer, who presents Good Morning America.

Her family has told agents she needs cash from deals such as nappy sponsorship — she will get through 250 a week in the next few months — and the agents will gauge public reaction to her story.

I swear, you cannot make this shit up.

And as Canadian Cynic points out: suddenly the fetus fetishists are all A-OK with a single woman having a zillion children.


Dr. Prole said...

Hah! With 14 kids, one of which we have already been told has special needs, $2 mil ain't gonna last long. I hope she's as good at investing as she is at being artificially bred.

deBeauxOs said...

The fetus fetishists are more than A-okay with it, if

1) they can spin this woman's choice to their advantage: in support of their abortion criminalizing campaigns and

2) they can somehow also exploit the bay-beez! as an opportunity to raise money from their religious fundamentalist rightwingnutter base.

Beijing York said...

I know you may not be familiar with Jon & Kate + Eight but they milked their sextuplets into a very lucrative career. They first did interviews and then documentaries for the fetus fetishist loving broadcaster TLC (who bring to your screens the Duggars and other huge families including Little People), which was spun into a TV series for the last few years.

In addition to that, the Gosselins (Jon and Kate) embarked on cross-country church speaking tour to collect donations. Now that they have a new book out, Multiple Blessings they got themselves a high ranking agent and are doing speaking engagement for steep fees, including TV engagements.

They recently moved to a new home, a mansion of a vast lot, that many imagine was made possible by their new found TV/Inspirational Speaking/Book deal wealth. Meanwhile those sextuplets seem socially behind on the developmental scale, still wearing bibs and diapers at four years old. Some suspect that the parents are purposely trying to infantalicise them to keep the cameras rolling.

As for Ms. Suleman, my partner is of the belief that she was into the whole flip this house real estate scam. Could be she was a close follower if not a participant of all those house flip shows and became attuned to what the media was buying for programming these days.

Skinny Dipper said...

I hope Oprah doesn't become the Big Owe. The same goes for Diane Sawyer.

I still remember watching a Simpsons episode where Apu sold the use of his octuplets for display in a public "freak" show.

Beijing York said...

Another reason the fetus fetishists brand these women heroes and are willing to shell out big bucks to help with their blessings is because they can drone on about selective reduction being a sin.

MLO said...

I can tell you that the online infertility community considers this woman and abomination. What she has done has endangered the reproductive rights of millions of couples who are sincerely seeking to have children - some with very complex problems that UK-type rules will not help.

Further, this woman needs to be investigated for child endangerment and neglect. If she really has the education she has, there is no way she does not know that what she has done is extremely detrimental to both her older children and her younger children.

The entirety of the medical community has come out and said that transferring 8 embryos into a woman with her history is malpractice. Of course, she may have gone to Mexico or used an unlicensed clinic.

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