Saturday, 31 January 2009

SUZY Makes a Spelling Mistake

Hee hee. Ur still doin it rong, SUZY.

Over at the hippie's, there was chortling in the comments about the spelling in SUZY's moronic photoshop offering.

I hopped over to her place to chortle at her. She erased my comment and changed the word.

But it's still rong. It is spelled 'bay-beeeeees'.

Dumb ass. And not woman enough to own up to her boo-boos.

UPPITY-DATE: Antonia also grabbed a copy of it before SHE changed it. The toobz never forget. . .

MORE UPPITY-DATE: JJ commented there too and was also deleted. SHE has an update in which she acknowledges that comments were deleted, but SHE characterizes our helpful correction as 'snarky criticisms'. Typical.

AND EVEN MORE FRESH BULLSHIT UPDATE: Now SHE is claiming that Haloscan is on the fritz. Oh yeah? Then how did JJ know I commented? Hmmmmmm? Man, SHE doesn't like to be caught, does SHE?


deBeauxOs said...

When the lying liars call it "snarky criticism", that is their lying liars' term for getting caught with a MASSIVE mistake.

Beijing York said...

Heh heh. Maybe you should have a MASSIVE poll on it.

jj said...

She had a bit of a meltdown at Antonia's. Ye gods. "Stabbing babbees in head and suck out da brains!!!" Antonia's kind of going "OK, SUZANNE, easy, easy, settle down..."

deBeauxOs said...

Oh yah, here it is.

brebisnoire said...

Antonia posted a formidable response to the exaggerations, lies and misleading interpretation of a Ste-Justine report posted by SUZANNE.

I'm always thinking that if late-term abortion is as common as SHE imagines it to be, then why don't I know a single person who's ever had one, for any reason?

And yet I know scads of women with awful stories of pregnancies gone horribly wrong.

Antonia Z said...

Sorry JJ but your comment did not clear the Goderators. It seems quoting a certain person's hysterical responses constitutes flaming which is verboten over at the Star.

fern hill said...

Quoting equals flaming, eh? Who knew?

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