Saturday, 16 May 2009


I actually laughed out loud at this. In the ritual annual bleat that the MSM ignored the Forced Pregnancy March AGAIN, Mr. Kicking Abortion's Ass concludes that it doesn't matter because the media is irrelevant.

SUZY ALL-CAPS chimes in:
That’s how I feel more and more. They barely cover the March in Washington, so who cares? As they become more marginal, we don’t their coverage.

Well, SUZY would know about becoming marginal, wouldn't she? (And what word did SHE omit before 'their coverage'? Merit?)

Anyway, the MSM did not totally ignore the foetishists' bunfest, as JJ reports.


deBeauxOs said...

Let me count the ways in which rightwing whack jobs/catholic fanatics like SoWrong Or Nuts & Blob Blogging Wingnut shrieeek that they are being silenced, marginalized, overlooked, misrepresented, etc. etc.

That's mostly what they write about, as well as the stuff that makes rational people notice the religious zealotry & persecution complex disorders on display.

jj said...

What's the missing word? I know! "Deserve".

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