Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mentally Ill Man Celebrated by Anti-Choice Terrorists

Well, well, well. A famous Canadian FETUSBLOGGER (I won't link, but JJ did), among other sick and twisted anti-choicers, is celebrating the deaths of a bunch of people, including children, who were related to the owner of abortion clinics. In the comments there, there's talk of how we normal people think fetus fetishists are dangerous and violent. Because we want to think so, SHE says.

Um. No. Because of stories like this.
The Cottage Grove man who crashed his car into a St. Paul Planned Parenthood clinic on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade ruling is being touted as a hero of the militant anti-abortion movement.

Matthew Lee Derosia, 33, is among several "prisoners of Christ" featured on the Web site of the group Army of God, which advocates violence to stop abortion providers.

Derosia pleaded guilty Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court to a felony charge of first-degree damage to property. A second charge is expected to be dropped at sentencing.
. . .
"Matthew Derosia rammed the babykilling abortion mill twice and then got out and quoted verses from the Holy Bible ... (on) the date when babykilling was made legal nationally," the Army of God Web site says.

" 'Jesus told me to do it' said Matthew (and who am I to dispute that)," said a comment apparently written by the Web site's host, anti-abortion activist the Rev. Donald Spitz.

The section on Derosia has an address for the Ramsey County Jail and includes an e-mail link to Glory2Jesus@

The abortion-rights group National Abortion Federation describes the Army of God as "an underground network of domestic terrorists."

He will be sentenced on May 12.
The terms of the plea agreement, assuming it is approved by Judge John Van de North, include a maximum of 100 days in jail. He is being held at the Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center for the mentally ill.

"I think he's doing better," said his attorney, Tom Handley. "He's on medication."

OK, the man has a history of mental illness, but dig this from his mother:
She criticized Planned Parenthood officials, saying they were "after him."

"There's just so much hate for him from these people ... there's nothing godly about them," she said. "There's no air of forgiveness. They're just hard-core, pound-of-flesh."

Who's seeing hate? These people are incredible.


deBeauxOs said...

"They're just hard-core, pound-of-flesh."

Wow. Just wow. If a mentally ill, pro-choice man had crashed his car into one of those faux-health-care Pregnancy Crisis Centres, the abortion criminalizers inside the building would have likely shot him on the spot. And claimed they did it in self-defense.

Southern Quebec said...

What is a mentally ill person doing driving a car?

jj said...

What is it with these religious nuts and ramming vehicles (cars, planes, whatever) into buildings? Whackjobs one and all.

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