Friday, 20 February 2009

Protecting the Innocent in North Dakota, Part 2

Well. Who knew Protecting the Innocent in North Dakota would turn into a series?

Today, we find out that the legislative body that voted to confer constitutional rights on fertilized human eggs is also fighting for the rights of smokers and bar owners.
Bars should remain as one of North Dakota's last outposts of public smoking, the state House has decided, although one lawmaker believes a citizen initiative will reach the smoke-free goal lawmakers avoided.

Representatives voted 59-33 on Thursday to defeat legislation, sponsored by Rep. Joyce Kingsbury, R-Grafton, that would have prohibited lighting up in bars and motels.

Dern tootin'! Smokers have rights! Business owners have rights! North Dakota ain't no dad-blamed nanny state!

Oh. Wait.
"Why should we become even more of a nanny government and tell business owners that are providing a legal product, in a legal establishment, with their own investment, how they should run their business?" said Rep. Craig Headland, R-Montpelier. "I believe it's time to draw the line."

Let's try that again:
"But it's totally fine to become a nanny government and tell women who are living their lives, in their own bodies, with their own livelihoods, how they should run their lives." said Rep. Craig Headcase, R-Montpelier. "Just who the hell do these broads think they are -- bar owners?"

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Niles said... don't think they're actually allowing women in bars do you??? Because that's just crazy talk. A woman could be pregnant while drinking and inhaling. And wearing pants! While dancing! That would shake her lady parts loose! Just like ski jumping! That's why women can't have those events at the Olympics!

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