Friday, 20 February 2009

Fetus FetishistLand Who's Who.

Over the next weeks, DAMMIT JANET! will be looking at the different types of individuals who adhere to the zygote zealots' and abortion criminalizers' agenda, in an effort to understand why they have chosen to polarize the debate, and at times, to implicitly support the violence and terrorism of some of the fringe members of the enforced-pregnancy and no-choice movement.

Today we feature Homo Fetus Fetishist Meddleinterferensis.


These meddling and interfering zygote zealots are found individually or in pairs. Middle-aged to elderly, their prime focus is to dictate what the procreative imperative of their children or other people's children should be.

In their youth, they may have been parents who justified their workaholic habits by satisfying every of their own materialistic whims or their children's by providing them with the most expensive toys, the most lavish of amusements and entertainment.

Now that their nests are empty, they have Regrets,

Not content with confessing their perceived 'sins' to their spiritual community leader, priest, rabbi or imam, they insist that their adult children must provide them with the means to gain redemption before it is too late.

They blame Planned Parenthood if their children have not produced the grandchildren they want to alleviate their sense of loneliness and inadequacy.

Females of the species can be particularly adept at pushing daughters' guilt buttons when pressuring them to procreate. Males tend towards harassing the staff of women's health clinics. Some, though not all, can become physically intimidating or threatening towards those who do not share their views. Either gender can become verbally abusive towards pro-choice activists.

Regardless of their income level, they are vulnerable targets and popular prey for the fetus fetishists sub-species Fundraisingensis.


fern hill said...

Hee. This is going to be fun.

I didn't know but Hinterland Who's Who lives! And it has a spoofs page. Do you think we'll get on it?

Nah, me either.

Beijing York said...

Let's see:

Homo Erectus Spermicidal Abortificantsis

(part of the pre-conception movement to spread the seed without barriers)

Homo Concernus Trollis Norvegicus

(part of the we want a civil discussion in the public square because of all the nuanced opinions are not captured by the two EXTREMES)

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