Monday, 23 February 2009

Going for the record

Guinness World Records needs a new category: Most panty-sniffing abortion-related bills proposed by a state legislature. The current leader would be West Virginia with 35.
There are 35 abortion-related bills pending in the West Virginia Legislature, according to the Legislature's Web site, the Charleston Daily Mail reports. Lawmakers said that the number of bills is not atypical compared with other years and that many of the measures have been introduced before. One bill (H.B. 2302) would prohibit abortions performed solely on the basis of the fetus' gender although neither the co-sponsor of the bill in the House nor the sponsor of the bill's counterpart in the Senate(S.B. 138)could identify any case of a gender-based abortion performed in West Virginia or the U.S. Barnes said, "I can't really say that it happens, but what we're saying is it's not supposed to happen."

Other bills that include restrictions and requirements regarding abortion include: S.B. 76, which would prohibit state funding of abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or a threat to a woman's life; S.B. 135, which would require some medical facilities to administer anesthesia to fetuses beginning at seven weeks' gestation; H.B. 2035, which would require medical facilities to give a pregnancy test and confirm results of the test before performing an abortion; S.B. 33 and H.B. 2073, which would require parental notification for an abortion performed on a minor; H.B. 2094, which would prohibit a higher education employee from assisting or counseling a student to obtain an abortion; and S.B. 38 and H.B. 2303, which would allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions used to induce abortions.

Not atypical, eh? At least they're not going for the 'personhood' insanity.

Don't they have other stuff on their plate? Like a major recession? Infuckingcredible.


Beijing York said...

You would think they would care more about post-birth persons being without homes or work, wouldn't you?

So how long after the Libs prop the Cons budget implementation will it take for some innovative "kick ass" abortion bill to rear it's ugly head? I give it 3 months, after they re-submit their "fresh meat" omnibus crime bill.

fern hill said...

Oy, Beijing, don't get me started on the spineless Libs.

Beijing York said...

Hahahaha fern. Would that be akin to hanging fresh meat before a starved wolf?

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