Sunday, 4 January 2009

Media Freak Show

More from the slow news day media freak show.
On December 19 a woman gave birth at Kingsbury Station, on the Jubilee London Underground Line.
That in itself is unusual, since that makes her "the second person to give birth on London's Underground rail network since it opened 146 years ago" according to Reuters UK.
Most, if not all media who carried the news item also mentioned that she is Polish and homeless.
Those descriptives are not insignificant, as they play into a national fear that the UK is under siege and that hordes of foreigners from the EU are invading its cities.
Strange that not one media noted a connection with another pregnant woman who gave birth far away from home, near the winter solstice. Except that woman's infant was not a girl.

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ml johnstone said...

During the US elections, John McCain said. " Give us those babies.We will take care of them"
This was said in regard to his view on abortion.
I guess that he , Cindy and Sarah would put them all in a few of his 10 or so houses that he owns.

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