Monday, 5 January 2009

Pay Equity for Blob Blogging Wingnut.

When LuLu posted about Suzie ALL-CAPS latest dumbassitude, who knew that the comments would foment a ground swell of agitation, demanding that SHE (also known as Blob Blogging Wingnut) receive the same monetary compensation as HER rightwingnutter male homologues. As sooey says:
"Gee, Mark Steyn and David Warren get paid big bucks to say the same stupid shit. Suzanne should go after some pay equity."
There is of course a teeny problem with the notion of demanding justice for Blob Blogging Wingnut since she is so virulently anti-feminist. We wouldn't want to be forcing the principle of fairness with regards to blogging production, against HER will, would we? After all, does SHE try to force HER ideological beliefs on other women? Thus we at DAMMIT JANET! want to be MASSIVELY democratic about the process of agitating for equal pay for work of equal value for Blob Blogging Wingnut.

So we've started a poll in the sidebar. If you feel that SHE deserves to be paid the same remuneration as HER male equivalents who are blogging the same inane, inept, vapid, vacuous and obfuscating crap - vote yes to question #1. If you feel that HER male equivalents should be paid the same stipend as Blob Blogging Wingnut, which is a BIG FAT nothing - vote yes to question #2.

My suggestion is that you hurry though, in posting your answer. Stevie and his RepubliCons are planning to abolish pay equity, as directed by the membership of the ReformaTory Party at their Winnipeg convention in November 2008. You may recall it was one of the points that Flaherty presented in his budget forecast that precipated a major political crisis and a stand-off between the Progressive Coalition and the forces of evil Cons.


Anonymous said...

In the right-wing version of pay equity for the political class and punditocracy, the sole criteria is to be Palinesque in the looks department.

While I have no idea about BBW (and don't particularly wish to know), she hasn't broadcast anything, so either she hasn't received the memo or hasn't bothered to apply. ;-)

deBeauxOs said...

Well, that system also favours the equine Ann Coulter look which suggests that she descended from inbred Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution.

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