Sunday, 4 January 2009

Publicly funded lies

I did some research on Pregnancy Support Services of the Upper Ottawa Valley. It does have a website, but under another name, First Steps Options Centre.

And here's the money quote:

Our staff includes trained volunteers. The information we provide is not intended as a substitute for professional counselling. We are not a medical clinic and do not offer medical advice or services. We don’t provide abortion referrals.

Fair enough. At least they are up-front about it.

But as with First Place Pregnancy Centre, the links page gives them away.

There is this gang of lying liars who, despite rigorous sciency-type studies demonstrating that 'post-abortion syndrome' does NOT exist, continue to shrieeek that it does too.

Then there's another gang of lying liars, who continue to shrieeeek that again, despite those pesky facts, abortion causes breast cancer.

This link appears to offer factual information on abortion, but (sigh) also contains the breast cancer bull-doody.

Then there's this odd link to an organization touting carrying on with a pregnancy 'with negative prenatal diagnosis'.

In short, whatever it calls itself, this gang subjects its clients to lies, fear and guilt. And now it's doing it with our money.

Admittedly, not much of our money, but this is a step down the USian road of government-funded 'faith-based initiatives' and we've got to stop it.


Beijing York said...

Hmmm, I wonder how factual the information provided by that US group ( is? They certainly use emotionally laden language in their description of procedures. But the following description for "partial birth abortions" is a real winner:

On the third day, the abortion doctor uses ultrasound to locate the legs of the fetus. Grasping a leg with forceps, the doctor delivers the fetus up to the head. Next, scissors are inserted into the base of the skull to create an opening. A suction catheter is placed into the opening to remove the brain. The skull collapses and the fetus is removed.

I think the group is part of the same wolves in sheep clothing tactic being used by anti-choice activists in the US. More publicly funded lies and not-so-secret agenda.

sassy said...

My favourite from their website

Volunteering is a Free Gift

We have discovered many needs which match the skill sets of ordinary people of all ages. The one essential requirement for them all is the personal knowledge that you are daily loved and forgiven God through His Son Jesus. He freely gives you an abundant supply of His love to share with others by:

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