Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fetus Fetishists: 'We Can Haz Hip-itude'

I am laughing my ass off. Again. In the comments to this post about The Signal Hill/BC Pro-Life, a newish, seemingly 'reasonable' outfit supposedly dedicated to women's health, JJ reveals that it is actually a re-branding of Pro-Life of BC.

But they don't want us to know.

Pro Life BC has undergone a name change, one that may forever change the image and general perception of the pro-life organization.

Only time will tell whether the name Signal Hill has the impact members are hoping for: to break through the obstacles that keep pro-life messages from being heard.


Natalie Hudson of Signal Hill said "the name is non-specific and has no direct association with any pro-life-related agenda. It represents an idea of clarity, poise, singular intent, and mission; while at the same time drawing enquiry, and promoting open dialogue with the population."

Terry Williams, chairman of the board, said during the introductory speech that "the main mission of Signal Hill has not changed: we hope to change a culture of death to a culture of life."

The organization hopes that the re-branding will open doors that have formerly been closed. It hopes to eliminate the barriers that arise from preconceived misconceptions so that the message of life can be heard and understood across all levels of society.

Borkowski said their objective is to work with every group and every pro life person to actually get the message to the people who need it the most.

"It's the great undecided that we are trying to change," he said. "They are the friends of strangers who don't quite know where they sit on these issues. After all these years it may sound strange that people haven't made up their minds, and depending on who they are talking with, can sound either sort of pro life or sort of pro-choice."

Signal Hill believes that with a language that is reasonable and "hip," intelligent, and compassionate, they can win the space and help teach others how to get there.

OMFG! Reasonable and 'hip'!

I tell you, these fetus fetishists are a laff-riot.

UPPITY-DATE: In the comments, JJ suggests we refer to this gang as 'The Signal Hill/BC Pro-life' for purposes of truth in googling. ;)

MORE UPPITY-DATE: Go read the Super Sleuth, JJ herself on this. Wot fun!

YET MORE UPPITY-DATE: Canadian Cynic weighs in. :D


jj said...

I think we should start referring to them as "The Signal Hill/BC Pro-life". Anything that will compromise google searches for "the signal hill" is a good thing.

People deserve the truth :)

fern hill said...

Excellent idea. I go to amend my posts and tags.

buckets said...

It seems to me that what is needed is for people to know that Prolife BC is the same as Signal Hill, and that this fact should clear in the title of the post. Indeed, what would be best is if this fact were in the top search page in google.

1. Make the Signal Hill - Prolife BC connection clear in the post title (something like "Prolife of BC renames itself 'The Signal Hill'") with appropriate tags. This helps the google ranking on a search for 'signal hill'.

2. Have as many friends and colleagues link to that post with something like {a href=url}The Signal Hill{/a} (replacing curly brackets with angular ones). Since Googles search engine will count up the links that mention 'Signal Hill', this will rank the post mention in #1 higher.

3. The post itself that we're all linking to should probably just make the relationship known, but perhaps link elsewhere for the discussion.

jj said...

buckets, great idea.

So that means when you copy the actual url of the post you want to link to (ie., it should be pasted (linked) onto a piece of text that reads "the signal hill"? And that will bring the dammitjanet post up when someone googles "the signal hill"?


buckets said...

Yes. Given that JJ already has a post that's googling well, it's probably best to direct traffic there like this:Signal Hill or Signal Hill abortion or Signal Hill pro-life. (Each of these links will be counted by Google and used to form their rankings.)

jj said...

Natalie's put in an appearance at the Great Late Term Abortion Debate.

She sounds about as stupid as one would expect.

fern hill said...

I saw that. How did you know it was Pro-Life BC Natalie?

jj said...

Just a wild guess. If I'm wrong she'll correct me, I'm sure.

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