Thursday, 15 January 2009

Apparently, I'm a propogandist

When it comes to the so-called abortion debate, I don't know which sort of opponent is more irritating -- the debaters or the authoritarians. Here, we have a combination of both, and a supposed progressive to boot.

The debaters want to get, as CC puts it, 'nuancy': when does life begin? what role does the state have? whose rights are they anyway?

The authoritarians are shalled and appocked that Canada has *gasp* NO LAW on abortion. Butbutbut all other countries have laws on what women can do with their own bodies. What kind of pissant country doesn't have a law on what women can do with their own bodies?

What's really rich is that Gordie the Progressive accuses us of propoganda [sic and snerk]. Check out The Signal Hill's links page, Gordie. While the outfit professes neutrality, it links to all the usual lying liars.

By the way, here is a progressive who does get it.


Chet Scoville said...

As I noted over at CanPolitico, if you cruise around Signal Hill's website, you find, mixed in with all the professed neutrality, a pretty good selection of anti-choice buzzwords like "abortion doctor" and "preborn." This is a pretty sneaky outfit.

fern hill said...

'Sneaky' is the fetus fetishists' middle name, Chet. Remember Ken Epp's private member's bill C-484 that was no way, no how to do with abortion? Except all the fetus fetishists (and we feminazis and thinking people) knew darn well that is exactly what it was about.

We got to watch them.

jj said...

Not only do some of the people involved with "The Signal Hill" belong to BC Pro-Life, "The Signal Hill" is actually the new name for "BC Pro-Life":

" Pro Life BC has changed its name to Signal Hill. The organization’s name and new slogan, “Separating noise from signal,”

something "The Signal Hill" forgets to mention in the "Who We Are" section of their website. Because they don't want people to know.

Sneaky, sly and stupid.

fern hill said...

Wow. Great catch, JJ!

Yes, stunningly stupid. Thank gord for that. Makes our work so much easier, doesn't it?

fern hill said...

Are you going to blog that, JJ? I am. We need to out them.

jj said...

I am, fern hill. I came here to catch a couple of links to you.

But you should too.

We all should.

Skinny Dipper said...

"Won't somebody think of the 'unborn child?'"

What was interesting about the last parliament's private member bill on "protecting the unborn child" was that using the word "child" over "fetus" attempted to make the child autonomous from the woman. The fetus belongs to the woman; the unborn child belongs to the state.

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