Monday, 12 January 2009

Fetus Fetishists: 'Canucks MASSIVELY Stoopid'

The fetus fetishists are getting 2009 off to a roaring start. Remember the MASSIVE poll of last year? Now they're shrieeeeking that a 'vast majority' of Canadians are pig-stupid.

This outfit, which appears to be rather new, seems to have commissioned a poll and put out a press release on it via CNW Group, which used to be Canada News Wire, you know, a wire agency that one pays to run one's press releases. (Of course, LifeShite went for it and, a little more surprisingly, the stenographers at the Glob did too.)

An Angus Reid poll has found that a vast majority of Canadians do not know, under the country's current legal situation that abortion is permitted at any time from conception up to the moment of birth.

The poll results have been made public on the heels of a late-December declaration by Dimitri Soudas, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that the Conservative government has no intention of reopening the abortion debate in Canada.

The Angus Reid poll found that 92 percent of the respondents did not know abortion was available to a woman throughout the full nine months of gestation.

It goes on to refer to this Angus Reid poll from last summer that found a majority of Canadians are fine with the status quo.

Well, shrieeeeek! Dumb-fuck Canadians don't know what the status quo is!!!

The press release gives no links, no wording for the question(s), no dates, no number of respondents, no statistical error. We are really looking forward to seeing all that facty stuff.

Meanwhile, what the heck is The Signal Hill?

From the first link up there:

Welcome to Signal Hill - a vibrant new voice advocating for women, children and the family. Signal Hill's mission is to deliver clear and supportive education on life issues to all people, helping them make informed and life-affirming decisions. Our resources reflect the best and latest academic research, and are non-judgmental, compassionate and understanding. We welcome people of all backgrounds and convictions.

Doesn't that sound nice?

Again, their links give them away. Yup, links to all those known lying liars about abortion and breast cancer and abortion and instant insanity.

Then I googled the two names given as contacts in the press release. Oh, look: Natalie Hudson is the director of education for Pro-Life BC and Yvonne Douma, Executive Director of The Signal Hill, seems to moonlight as a personal chef.

A new year, a new set of lying liars, a new poll. *sigh*

They'll never stop, will they?


Oemissions said...

Why do women do this?
Are they polygamists?

Anonymous said...

They'll never stop, will they?
Sadly, no.
I don't care what code of ethics they live by, but they always want to interfere in others...

Beijing York said...

fern, someone else is onto their scam. This from CanPolitico:

ou will note that they claim to take a "non-position" on the legality of abortion. This is the new-speak for the anti-choice movement in Canada and it is also very similar rhetoric to what we hear from the Harper government.
It is pretty obvious that this poll and this release are an attempt to influence public policy in Canada. That is something that is not allowed for registered charities. The Harper government has been more stringent in application of this least with respect to organisations like the Suzuki Foundation.
The Signal Hill should face a review by the Canada Revenue Agency, at the very least. They would find out, for instance, that the organisation itself is just a front for an anti-abortion organisation. They are not listed by name in the CRA Charities Registry. However, they do list a registration number 129669818RR0001 on their web site. It turns out it is for The Pro Life Society of British Columbia.

Anonymous said...

For everyone's information edification, all the stats on the Angus Reid poll are here - that would be all the tables, numbers etc and the power point. It's legit, folks!

fern hill said...

LOL! I went there and will post about it. Go to the Excel spread-sheet link. Anonymous and his or her lying liar buds at The Signal Hill are, as usual, spinning. The question was 'when can an abortion be performed in Canada?' That only 8% knew it 'can' be done at 'any time up to nine months of gestation' gives them -- shrieeeeeek!!! -- 92% of Canucks are stooopid.

Jeez Louise. Most people assume that abortions are done early and only fetus fetishists buy into the bullshit that women at 8.99999 months wake up one morning saying to self 'screw this'.

Pathetic. As usual.

deBeauxOs said...

From the information I've been able to collect about 'Anonymous' above, he or she is located in Abbotsford BC, and arrived at DAMMIT JANET! through a google search about "Signal Hill + abortion". So yes, 'Anonymous' is likely a Lifeshite reader or someone from The Signal Hill trying to gauge how much coverage their CNW purchase got them.

jj said...

They're against contraception too.

Links about creighton and billings (natural family planning), and one link that led to the pope's website(!?), plus... a link to homo-haters "the Institute for Marriage & Family", first story up by fetus fetishist Andrea from PWPL.

These people try so hard to look like they're something else, but then they're too fucking stupid to cover their tracks.

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